Numb toes & numb fingers.

OK so basically this shoot was not too fun. I was outside for an extended amount of time; the sun not on my side today. Before I knew it, the sun had then disappeared and I was sniffling all over the place and I couldn't feel my fingers or toes. Ah what I do for this blog. ;) I suppose these shots are okay, and I tried Shy of Chesterfield's editing tutorial again on these photos.

I experimented with clothes for this outfit. Shirt on the outside of a skirt with a belt... High heels...hat... The colors greens, blues, creams, and browns. I like it. :) Unfortunately, it appears I did not do anything today. But that doesn't matter to me. Even if I don't do anything, I like to get dressed! Question of the day, do you feel anxious or disappointed when you don't have anything to do? I feel this way sometimes.

Happy Thanksgiving!
xx Elanor

beanie, skirt: forever 21
shirt: taiwanese shop
belt, tights: goodwill
necklace: claire's
heels: borrowed from a friend
currently listening to... Dido - Thank You


  1. Nice pictures!
    Love the dress and beanie. I swear beanies are the best accessories during winter time... actually any time lol.

    Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving day!

  2. Ooh, what a lovely outfit! I love trying to experiment with clothes, and I think this turned out so, so well! The photos are really nice, too :)

  3. I live to do nothing! haha I so wish I could retire now and just wander around the world taking pictures and shopping. But alas, I'm stuck at a boring job while trying to find a job where I could actually use the skills college gave me! Life sometimes, always gettin in the way! I love this outfit though, The toque looks so cute with your short hair!


  4. OK I LOVE your blog! I am a new follower and I'm having such fun reading through your older posts:) LOVE your gray tights in these pictures!

  5. It always depends, If there's things I should do (which is always the case) and just don't do because of lazyness, I feel terribly disappointed in myself. Otherwise, I love doing nothing.
    Oh btw, I love your hat!! adorable!

  6. wonderful style, and i love the piercing light in the photos x


  7. Your outfit experimentation turned out perfect:-) I just love the color palette and the silhouette here. Gorgeous as always!!

  8. love your pictures, looks so warm and nice!
    please check out my new blog on street fashion and people www.publishmystyle.com

  9. Hey Elanor! Jessica was looking at your blog earlier and left it up on my laptop. I haven't looked for awhile. I really like this and other recent outfits. The afternoon light is beautiful,you live in a beautiful place. It was cold here, but yes, sometimes you have to suffer for your art, lol!
    Okay, me on my soapbox: As a society we are made to feel like we must always be doing something, otherwise we're lazy and unproductive and wasting time. The trick is changing that into using those times to settle into relaxation, to explore, to shake things up, or to be okay with doing nothing! Besides, you did do quite a lot---you brought us these lovely images and asked a thought-provoking question.
    (stepping down now)


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