One Fell Swoop

Heya! Posting late today, as usual. :) Taking these photos, I began editing them like normal - but then I discovered Shy of Chesterfield's recently posted photo editing tutorial! So I decided to try her editing ways! And this is what turned out! I rather like them. I did the first photo below following the tutorial almost exactly and I like that photo the best... the rest of them, well I couldn't get them the same! I guess I'll be playing around with different levels and such till I get it right...

I spent time with friends today, and later watched Chicago for the first time. It was rather exciting! I liked this number from the musical the best. The dancing is so exciting... Ahh, rewatching now and loving it again! Heheh. What's your favorite musical?

Have a great week!
xx Elanor

romper, shoes, purse: goodwill
tights: wet seal
belt: target
blazer: mom's closet
currently listening to... Spill Canvas albums


  1. The photos look great! I'm going to give it a shot as well, to edit them like Shy. She doesn't such a great job with her photographs!
    Ps - I think this new haircut makes you look much older (but in a wise, mature way...and not mature as a bad thing, but like you have experience kind of mature) you know? Either way, I mean it as a compliment haha.

  2. i am still in love with your haircut.
    you are so beautiful.
    the pictures look lovely..
    i love your blazer paired with the romper..perfect.

  3. The pics look great! So glad you found my tutorial useful! I usually keep the first photo of the set open so I can try to match it as best as I can.

    I think your mom should start a blog too! she seems to have awesome clothes for you to raid!!


  4. Oh, the photos look great! I love your outfit, the blazer is awesome!

    And I never commented on how much I love your knew hair! I'm totally jealous...my face just wouldn't suit short hair, bah.

  5. love your playsuit and tights, plus the photos turned out great. i saw the same tutorial post but i don't know if i'm patient enough to try it :P
    oh and chicago is so amazing, but picking a favorite would be near impossible for me! x

  6. these photos turned out so good! your new haircut is so chic. and i LOVE the cell block tango! oh my goodness, this song is so good. i'm going to be listening to it for the rest of the day!!

  7. the pictures are amazingg! i just love your outfit. the hair is looking great on you :)

  8. very nice pictures and I love the spill canvas :D

  9. Love your style, especially the blazer and tights. Plus you have an amazing haircut!! My favourite musical is The Phantom of the Opera.. :) x

  10. Wow! The lighting on these pics was beautiful! Love the outfit xo


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