Even though I have not been blogging here on missing-lovebirds for a full year, I decided (like many other bloggers, I've noticed!) to have fun and do a recap of my time here so far! This will just be my favorite outfits, but on Friday I'll do a post focusing on the other events that went on in 2010. :)

I started missing-lovebirds in June of 2010 - slowly but surely! I had tried blogging on tumblr for a while, but decided blogspot was a better choice. This was a little bit after school had let out, and I was eager for something fun to do, and I had been dying to try and succeed in this style blogging business. I did normal, typical summer things in this month and at the very end, went to the All Vintage Everything shopping event in San Fransisco, hosted by SF Style. This was probably my first interesting thing to blog about, although I didn't bring back any photos other than my outfit photos from this day.
July was my pretty packed month. I house-sat, went to the county fair with my boyfriend, cut my leg open on a hike I went on, did a photoshoot with my friend, and of course, finished the month off with a road trip! My mom and I drove down the coast to Santa Barbara and explored while thrifting along the way! We went to San Luis Obispo for a bit, as well. :) ALSO, I went to Calistoga with my boyfriend and his family for a weekend at the end of the month - apparently for "relaxation time". Haha, a fun month overall.
August was fun but it had to wind down eventually, because my Junior Year of highschool started at the end of it! I spent time with my boyfriend, tried out a vintage look, did another photoshoot with my friend, and then went camping in Mt. Rainier, Washington with my boyfriend and his whole mom's side of the family! It was quite an interesting time, and it reminded me about the "joys" of no showers. Eeep! Finally, I went to a music festival in Oakland and saw Cake - one of my favorite bands! School started...and then, I traveled to Humboldt with my boyfriend's family yet again to go to a wedding at the end of the month for a weekend.
A good month for outfits, I think. My creativity was blooming and my style was developing even more. School got in the way of posting some of the time, but I made it through! I celebrated by 17th birthday this month, and went to an animal exhibit (my favorite!) in SF with my boyfriend. Speaking of my boyfriend - Derek and I celebrated our one year anniversary the 26th! I was somewhat emotional this month, however, as things were going up and down in my personal life. Things got better, but then they got worse. As per life, though. I remained okay of course, and continued onto October...
October proved to be very amazing for my photography skills. I began understanding how to achieve better photos, when to take them and where to take them (wasn't always successful, but I was learning). I saw another cool band this month - the Flaming Lips, and that was a lot of fun, as well as I thrifted in the city with my mom. I also won my first giveaway from Lululetty in October! I was thrilled. :) Oh, and of course, for Halloween this year, I was a gypsy!
In November, I posted the most amount of posts so far in a month yet! 18! I also believe it was my best month for photos and my blog layout in general. I finally settled with the one I have now after many tweaks. I also got my license in November! This was big, awesome news. I tried out that trousers look, too, as the photo above displays. Mid-November, I got my haircut! I'd been meaning to get a pixie-cut for the longest time, and I was so glad when I did! I also tried new photo editing techniques, which was cool.
Ahh, December - I great month for my blog and me, I must say! I had my first interview from a fellow blogger, which was so sweet! School was finishing up, and I was so ready for Christmas break. The most amazing gift I got was my new Canon Rebel T1i! I immediately felt thrilled to get such a great camera, and the results (in my opinion) have been fantastic! I've feel as if my blog has come into itself; me coming into myself through it. Unfortunately, I also had my photos and content stolen in December as well - luckily they shut their blog down the moment I emailed them about it! And finally, I traveled to Washington D.C. with my family and spent Christmas there - (hopefully) managing to stay warm and stylish in weather I was not used to!

Thanks for spending these 7 months with me, friends! The New Year is a-comin' and I can't wait to share more adventures with all of you! ♥



  1. The September dress is so cute! I love the pixie cut! It looks really good on you!

  2. You are just the most precious little thing! I love your hair so much. :D Your june and december outfits are my favorites <3 :)

  3. you really are just lovely. <3 the orange "september" dress is adorable!

  4. I love june the best!

    hope you had a nice christmas

    xxx christie


  5. Some of the outfits you picked are some of my favorites of yours as well. I can't wait to see what happens in 2011 for you! It's going to be a great year : )

  6. I love how you've changed, but you still keep the same spark? :P idk, but I love your blog! And I will keep reading it until I grow old :P

  7. You rock the loveliest prints ever! Cheers to your awesome outfits and to more of them in 2011! Happy new year!


  8. I've been absolutely in love with your blog these past 7 months Elanor and can't wait to keep on reading in 2011. You are definitely one of my favorites!


  9. I love all these recaps of people's blogging year because even though I have just stumbled upon your blog I feel like I am learning so much about you and your blog. I cannot wait to explore more of your blog and what more there is to come.

  10. Hello! I was here, asking for friendship. ;) Would you like to follow each others blogs? Advance Happy New Year. :D

  11. I'm loving all of these recap posts; they're such an easy way to look at a blog and quickly find out if you like somebodies style or not. Needless to say, I love yours. :)

    - Patricia

  12. You have such fierce style! Timeless & clasic :-)


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