Alameda Flea Market!

Today I went to the Alameda Flea Market with my mom to check out this huge pot of gold in the aspect of antiques and vintage galore! Not to mention, quirky, kitschy odds-and-ends all over the place! We left a little after 10 and got there at about 11, and stayed till 2. Guess what! It was raining! But we were prepared and brought umbrellas and marched through the place nonetheless.

It was very exciting, and I saw a lot of really cool stuff. I even got a thing or two... ;) I'll tell you about them later! Speaking of surprises, I've got one for you guys by next weekend! (No, not a giveaway yet, unfortunately, but we're getting there!) We plan on going back soon - hopefully on a day NOT so wet, preferably! A lot of booths weren't even open by the time we got there because of the rain. I still had a great time though. :) And I love hanging out with my mom, to boot.

Well, it's Sunday night and I'm not anywhere close to being finished with my homework... So, wish me luck and I'll talk to you all soon, loves!

xx Elanor

coat: costco
skirt: forever 21
sweater: my mom's
gray tights: marshall's
vintage riding boots: store on the haight
currently listening to... Little Mermaid soundtrack - Poor Unfortunate Souls


  1. cute coat :) i love markets, can't wait to see your finds! x

  2. aw i used to go to the flea market with my mother all the time. unfortunately, we don't go anymore.

    nice coat!

    xx Kenny

  3. I love your jacket lady! It's lovely.

    And I'm jealous, I wish we had good flea markets here. But we don't. I bet there was tons of good vintage there!


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