Darling, please believe me.

Here I go again! Mixing patterns. Lately I've been uninspired and unmotivated with my outfits, even though I know I have a lot of clothes that I haven't combined and mixed yet. Still, I feel in a rut. But here's something that I sort of liked... :)

On the note of feeling uninspired and such, I've decided I want to do some sort of "favorites" or "looks I love" section of my blog weekly. I've been seeing so many amazing outfits lately, guys! Way to blow my mind. I'll be starting this hopefully over Christmas break which is in two weeks! It's the infamous dead week right now, and next week is finals! Not looking forward to it, but I'm also ready to get it over with. Some news that I have yet to tell you - my family is going to Washington D.C for Christmas! We're going to visit all the museums, the White House, you name it. I'm pretty pumped.

Hope you're having a "good" dead week, all you students!
xx Elanor

P.S Banana chips are good, but don't eat too many... *stomach ache* :(
P.P.S Check out my interview with Chaucee of Streets and Stripes here!

blazer: mom's
socks: payless shoes
leaf necklace: forever 21
polka-dot cardigan: target
vintage dress, tights, & boots: goodwill
currently listening to... The Beatles - Oh! Darling


  1. that dress is fantastic! I love the print:) And you pattern mixed! I love it:):) I'm just so loving your hair, too. It looks amazing!

  2. hah i wouldn't have guessed you were in a rut with outfits. you're so stylish! nice outfit by the way! your hair looks amazing on you :)

    xx Kenny

  3. You definitely have the mixing patterns thing down to a t. I will definitely be coming to your blog for inspiration as this is something I need to perfect. I just love everything about this outfit from the dress to the darling little dino brooch. Gorgeous as always!! xx Marisa

  4. i ALMOST bought some sparkling apple cider the other day. How does it taste?

    Ps - your feature is up and i LOVE that blazer.

  5. This is such a fun outfit! You are a master pattern mixer :)

  6. that dress is beautiful.
    i am so jealous of your thrifting finds.
    you look beautiful as always.
    i loved your answers to Chaucee's questions.

  7. I LOVE Washington D.C.! Ah, I'm so excited for you. You'll have a blast, I'm sure of it :)

    P.S. Your brooch is adorable!

    KF x

  8. Is...that a dinosaur pin I see? SO AMAZING!

  9. you are just the cutest! i love your blog, so glad i found you through chaucee. :)

  10. LOVE the outfit & your hair is stunning! :)

    Nicole xox

  11. Hey my fellow pixie cut blogger. I saw you on Street's n Strips, and I thought I'd say hello. And here's my 2 cents: If you're ever in the mood for a messy pixie cut, I use pureology's nanowax because my hair gets greasy with gel too. Just an idea! Feel free to stop by and give me your 2 cents on my pixie cut. I'm always looking for ways to be inventive with it.


  12. First: Love the new background!
    Second: i really love the big polkadots with the dresses pattern. You mix like a pro. I'm still scared of mixing!


  13. good luck with finals, i love your blazer and cute little dinosaur brooch :) x

  14. I thought I commented this s: but as usual I forget to! Ahhh! I always alwaaaays read my favorite blogs and I did read this when you posted it :P Anyway, Calculus II is just the beginning of what they make me take :P Seriously, it's crazy and if you ever need help, I am here for you! :) the biggest math nerd you'll ever meet.

    I seriously love your hair
    I can't go bold like that! I had it really short once, but never really there and you remind me now of Emma Watson :)

  15. pretty pretty girl and blog.


  16. that brooch is way too cute!! lovely :)

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com)

  17. What a wonderful mix of patterns! You look awesome! :)

  18. Very nice style, beautiful photos!!! Your blog is lovely!!!)))

  19. Oh man, that dress and brooch are amazing! I adore this outfit.

  20. i love this look, but what really drew me to comment was your upcoming trip to DC... I just went for Thxgiving and it was so much fun to experience all the history. If youre into modern/contemp art, hit up the Hirshhorn by the Smithsonian.

  21. Is that a dino pin? Love it! And, I also love your exceptional pattern mix! It's one of my favorite things to do when I don't know what to wear!


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