Pretty Things

I have no outfit post for you today//I have been run over by school work & extra credit work & studying for finals. But please do enjoy these pretty things I've put together for you...
o1. She is so pretty, especially with the leaves and flower in her hair. Beautiful.
o2. This is such a lovely shot. I wish I had a bike like this... and sometimes, I wish I had her hair, too.
o3. Navajo.
o4. Horses are easily the most amazing creatures ever. I love them so.
o5. The water looks so peaceful and quiet. I'd like to get away from the stress and go here for a bit.


  1. very pretty. come summer nature will be my new hair accessory!


  2. what beautiful images. good luck with school xo

    ps, i'm having a christmas jumper giveaway (:

  3. so very pretty, love that first shot

  4. these are great pictures. i wish i had curly hair.

    xx Kenny

  5. Best wishes w/ school! These photos are stunning and yes, I wish I had that bike and her hair too:)


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