News, on the tip of my tongue.

Happy Sunday! Technically Sunday is the beginning of a new week, but I usually think of it as the end. A lot has been going on over here for the past few days or so.

1. Hurray! My first impersonation! :( Kenzie informed me of a blog that was stealing my photos and claiming them as their own, as well as my content being taken but changed slightly to fit this person's story, or whatever. I was pretty pissed, no doubt. I emailed them and luckily, they deleted the blog. Be wary, my friends, there are strange people out there that would do this.

2. This week is finals week! Eeep! Two finals a day, Thursday-Friday. I can't wait to get this over with. Then, hello D.C and Christmas!

3. Do you like my boots? I got them at the Alameda Flea Market last Sunday when I went with my mom. Along with this key necklace, I also got 2 other keys to put on chains there. :)

4. And of course, speaking of Christmas... These photos were taken on my new Canon Rebel T1i! My parents knew how into blogging and photography I was getting, and so they decided to give me this amazing camera for Christmas! I was so thankful and shocked when they told me. It came last Friday and I'll be playing around with it and getting used to it before our trip to D.C where my parents want me to document it, et cetera. :)

5. Finally, I just wanted to thank all of you guys so much. Each and every comment makes me smile and remember how thankful I am and how this blogging thing has been such a great experience so far. (Minus a few bumps in the road...) I'm brain storming what my giveaway is going to be for when I hit 100 followers - it'll be good though and I'm sure you guys will like it!

My best,
xx Elanor

P.S I need a haircut! My pixie has left meeee.

jacket: mom's
tights: marshall's
dress, & belt: goodwill
boots, key necklace: alameda flea market
currently listening to... Nothing atm.


  1. I noticed right off the bat before I read your blurbs that your pictures looked amazing- and rightfully so! Lucky gal:) I love them! You are seriously soooo pretty! I love that cardigan! I have one like it in a tanish color. I stole it from my mom who wore it when I was born! Ahh!

    Good luck on your finals!

  2. I can't believe someone stole your photos! That's rude if they used them for a fake profile. Anywayyyy, you look amazing! I am loving the color of your hair! Very pretty! Loving the photos too!

  3. Crazy stuff. I've read about similar outrageous theft on a couple of other blogs this week too. Glad it all worked out ok in your case.

    Great outfit! :)

  4. First off, gorgeous boots! I love the contrast between all of the colors and that dress! Ah, so cute!

  5. I think that is completely rude of someone to steal your photos. Not even cool. But lovely photos. Beautiful as always!

  6. So so So jealous of the new camera!! This pictures look great! Same with the outfit! Your so much cooler then I was at your age! hehe. I LOVE the boots too!


  7. I loooove your boots & your jacket! Cute cute cute.

    I'm so excited that you got that camera. Your pictures look great!! We now have the same camera.. Pretty cool :)

    KF x

  8. Hi missy, you're looking fab! Those boots make my heart hurt (and I LOVE the Alameda flea market! It's been ages since i've been up to NorCal but I remember always finding the neatest stuff there!)


  9. These photos look so good! And I love your outfit. Those boots are seriously PERFECT :)

  10. I just wrote up this long comment but then it got deleted somehow. Poo.
    Anyways, I just had my first blog theif too. Look here: http://bestofblogsphiladelphia.wordpress.com/2010/12/07/style-files-stone-by-stone/

    Yeah, not cool.

    Anyways, love your outfit and I hope you have a great start to your week!

  11. Those boots are so good! Such a nice proportion and so substantial looking. I love how high they come up, too. Any information on brand/style?

  12. Congrats on the camera and good luck with finals! Totally in love with that dress and those awesome boots (great find!). Your Pretty Things post below definitely made me swoon.

  13. Somebody goes around stealing blog content? That is so weird. You have to wonder what some people are thinking of.

    Anyway, these photos are beautiful and your dress is a great colour. Not surprised you were targeted, but still can't get over how random that is..........

  14. Love the boots,the outfit is perfect!
    also the photos are gorgeous:)
    lovely blog

  15. love the shirt layered over the pretty dress and i love the boots very much - major shoe envy! i can't believe people actually go to the effort of stealing someone elses blog :/ x

  16. Thanks for getting back to me, Elanor! I will most def be keeping an eye out for a pair of these. if only these weren't dude sized:



  17. Those are some kick ass boots! Nice photos! xx Kenny Fivetwocharm.blogspot.com

  18. your pictures look amazing, congrats on getting a new camera! that's so exciting. i love your dress. and cardigan. and boots. and your whole outfit, as always. <3

  19. what a cute outfit! i can't believe someone was pretending to be you! so creepy (but a little flattering perhaps?). congrats on the camera, when I bought mine I nearly died of excitement :)

  20. Elanor the pictures are just beautiful! You are really getting the hang of your camera and editing strategies. Please send me a copy of the one where you have taken your jacket off! Love you! xxoo MOM


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