So after about a million editing attempts, I think I've got a method down! I even managed to put my new editing technique as an Action on Photoshop, so it is easily accessible now! I'm so happy. :) It just better work for all my photos as well as I think it worked this time!

Along with struggling a bit with the editing process, I had to take these photos in a light rain fall! I (somehow) managed to prop up an umbrella over my camera as to not risk anything by getting it wet. Surprisingly, it worked long enough to get all these photos! It's a shame I don't have a photographer, but even so, I think I can pose better without someone watching me. Heheh. ;)

About my outfit - I've decided, I LOVE CAPES/PONCHOS. I have a new obsession! A great look I recently saw with one in it is in this post from Lucy of Dear Fish. Really, I love these things! This vintage houndstooth cape is part of a suit set that belongs to my mom, but has been hidden away in the garage! So glad I pulled it out!

2/7 finals finished; 5/7 finals left! See you soon!
xx Elanor

dress: goodwill
black flats: marshall's
patterned tights: wet seal
vintage GAP blouse: thrift town
vintage houndstooth cape: mom's
currently listening to... Dixie Chicks - Lil' Jack Slade


  1. that cape is just perfection <3 I love everything about this outfit! good luck finishing your finals :)


  2. this is gorgeous! love how you edited your photos.

    good luck on your finals :]

  3. I've been seeing capes on everyone in the blogosphere as of late and I must admit, I kindasorta love them! Yours is no exception :)


  4. Love the look, very sixties.. the cape and the green dress look so pretty together! Wish I could work out photoshop techniques.. :) x

  5. This look is very vintage and very pretty. The cape looks amazing!

  6. Gorgeous cape and the tights are the perfect touch! :)

  7. That's awesome that your mom had this! It's a beauty.

  8. Oh this is so beautiful. I love the pastel green with the houndstooth! And the pictures look great!! Yay for actions!


  9. Houndstooth has always been a favorite of mine. It's so sophisticated yet edgy. You look too cute!

  10. you look amazing in this outfit and that cape is a real winner. Love that you paired it with the green dress, great contrast

  11. I love this outfit so much! The color of your dress is wonderful, and that cape is so cute! I would love to be able to find a nice cape, I've been wanting to try that trend out for the longest :)

  12. Aw Elanor, you are adorable! I love this look and the color of that dress is perfect with the houndstooth! I definitely need to keep this look in my inspiration folder ;]

  13. Hi Elanor! Your outfit is fabulous!


    p.s. I blogged about you :)

  14. how fantabulous is your outfit! i love it, the colours and patterns all go so swell together!

    new follower! christie xx

    would love if you stoped by sometime

  15. This cape was your mums?! I love it 10 x more now. It looks SO good on you too. I have been dying for a good cape..crossing my fingers to find one like yours! hehe. Oh, your hair always makes me weak in the knees too. You look so good in short hair!! Jealous! Merry Christmas love, hope your december has been great so far. x

  16. That cape... Let me steal it, please? I am quite enjoying your blog! <33

    xx Bonnie


  17. I love this cape! It makes you look like Twiggy, very mod! That's awesome that it's your mom's, she must be very stylish. I really like the editing that you did on your photos, that's awesome that you figured it out. I have the sketchiest photo editing program and I really wish I had photoshop. I'm jealous!
    Oh, and thanks for the shoutout! xx

  18. Awww, don't you look adorable with your houndstooth cape and your cute pixie haircut! You remind me so much of Twiggy! You're so chic, girl!

    PS: Thanks for your sweet comment, hun! I'm following your lovelyyy blog as well :)


  19. Hi Elanor, lovely blog, I enjoyed reading and I love your style. I just got a cape myself, though haven't posted about it yet.

  20. I adore your pattern mixing! This is so so cute! Love your blog so far too!

  21. Your cape is amazing! I have been toying with the idea of getting one myself, and you definitely are inspiring me in the positive.

  22. I love the cape and tights and the whole color palette here!! You have such a cute look, someone said Twiggy and they were right!! I also struggle with having someone else take my photos, I blank out and dont know how to pose! In private I could pose for hours though...

  23. adorable. that jacket is awesome.

  24. I love your houndstooth cape! It's such a classic print and cut, and yet when paired with the pop of turquoise, the whole look is fresh and new! I especially like it paired with these lace tights!
    (And, I know what you mean about sometimes wishing you had a photographer! I'm a remote + tripod girl, and it can get tough - especially now when it's always snowing where I live! You do a great job with your photos. Beautiful!)


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