The most wonderful time...of the year...!

Goodevening, dears. I'm having such a nice day even though I had some very tough finals this morning. I'm putting them out of my mind for now though! I spent the afternoon and early evening with my mom, searching for Christmas gifts and running a few errands. We went to IHOP for lunch before that though, and I enjoyed a yummy chicken sandwich. Definitely wanting to try out my camera indoors (it's so awesome being able to take photos INSIDE!) - I took photos of us and our food! What an event. ;)

What I'm currently happy about/What I currently love:
o1. My mom! She's amazing! :)
o2. My camera! And my editing technique! I'm so pleased about all of this.
o3. Starbucks caramel apple spice holiday drink...mmm.
o4. Listening to my dad playing Christmas music downstairs.
o5. The fact that after 10:15 am tomorrow, I'm done with school for two weeks!
- - - - Of course, much more - but this is what is on my mind now.

I got this awesome scarf and vintage sweater at Goodwill yesterday as well, to build upon the lovely things going down right now. The sweater's colors remind me a lot of this $78 sweater from Kensie, but mine was $5. Hehe. That's another thing; I love thrifting.

Hope your week has been lovely! And hope your day was as good as mine!
xx Elanor

bag: forever 21
necklace: claire's
leggings: marshall's
dress/shirt: thrift store
scarf, sweater, & shoes: goodwill
currently listening to... Jazz Christmas music


  1. oh gosh, i seriously love the way you edit these photos. they are so beautiful. that sweater looks so cozy, i love the print. <3

  2. I loooove that outfit. So darling! :)

    It's ah-mazing what you can find at thrift stores!


  3. I loove your outfit, your food looks delicious and that street you are on looks so cute! Today was a good day for me too despite a hard exam in the morning. Huzzah for hard mornings turning into nice days!

    xo Robyn

  4. your food looks delicious and i hope finals are treating you well. hopefully you have enough time to unwind from school over the holidays!

    you look absolutely adorable and that scarf looks oh-so-cozy.

    i found your blog through Tieka's tweet and i'm so glad i stopped by! i will definitely be following.


  5. Aw you and your mom are the cutest!
    I love IHOP, like no joke! Every sunday my family and I go there for breakfast. Oh so good!!
    I love your sweater and scarf, girly <3

  6. gorgeous photos - i especially love the first one, beautiful!!

  7. Hehe, Love that you hang out with your mom so much! I do too!! And that scarf is a FIND! I love how long and thick it looks!


  8. Love you outfit!!
    and the color of your pic are so beatiful!!!

    take care!!


  9. I love your look, I wasn't expecting to see ripped leggings below the cosy jumper and scarf- looks awesome! x

  10. You're a thrifting wonder, I love all your finds from thrifting how do you do it? I might find one or two things and then nothing for weeks.
    You look very cute and cosy in that long scarf.
    I'm loving Starbucks and Christmas songs at the mo too.

  11. I just found your blog via Tieka's tweet. I love your blog. And I happen to have the exact same (I think exact) pair of shoes you have. I found them a thriftstore and fell in love:)

    Well, have a great day and I look forward to reading more on your blog!

  12. The scarf and sweater are beautiful! You really have great luck when thrifting. Or maybe it's because I live in an area of all farmers :P

  13. i love love love your blog. i am your newest follower. i just started as well, and you've inspired me to keep it up! :)



  14. While I like the mum's toque, The young ladies hosiery seems to have met with some manner of misfortune!

    Oh Dear!

    Uncle Reed

  15. just discovered your blog, and i love it.

  16. You are so stinking beautiful! I STILL can't get over how much I loveee your hair! It's stunning! You're stunning! And I love your new layout. Gosh, I wish mine were as pretty!

  17. Wowza! You rock that pixie so well! You are gorgeous! And I love your knits ;)


  18. Your photos are even more gorgeous lately girl! I love how you're editing them and yay for a new camera!

    And yay for being done with school! Just wait until college and you get FIVE whole weeks off...it's amazing haha.

    P.S. You look just like your mom! (I'm assuming that's her!)

  19. you two are so cute! hooray for relaxing holiday time with your mom, theres nothing better. also, cool outfit!

  20. Hey just letting you know I'm tagging you in tomorrow's Looks I Love post :]

  21. I love your outfit and your food pics! :)

  22. love iHop! you just look stunning here :) your mom is so fashionable! I love everything about your outfit <3



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