You Are The Moon.

Hiya! I'm just back from a Christmas party in the city, and pretty much exhausted. I'm going to have to get up early tomorrow for church because I'm singing with the praise band, so I'll make this relatively short! The bed is callingggg!

Break is here! For two blissful weeks I don't have school. It shall be lovely. Friday, Derek and I spent time together, but unfortunately he got sick. On and off nausea. It sucks. :( He was supposed to come to the party with me tonight, but decided he better not. Hopefully he will get better before I leave for DC on Tuesday...and hopefully I won't get sick before that! I'm going to need lots of sleep and vitamin C.

My camera + editing techniques are still going great! I took these early afternoon. Random information - my cat, Zoey, (photo below!) follows me around while I take my photos outside! It's so cute. She's a little freaked out by the beeping from the timer (I still don't have a remote) and also the shutter noise. She runs away, but then wanders back. Aghh I love her. :) Cats are the best.

(I guess I'm not making this that short...whoops!) I've been saving this dress for colder weather since I got it in September - and today was the perfect day to for it's first run! Apparently it's the dress from Sex and the City 2, except in a different color? That's what the lady at the counter said, at least. I've never seen Sex and the City. Haha. My vest is older too, and it used to have these short little sleeve caplets. I cut them off! I prefer it this way, anyway. Lastly, I finally got some colored tights! Well, just these ones. Oh well! I'm still pumped!

xx Elanor

P.S Did you guys know how awesome you are? I hit 100 followers! You guys rock so hard. I'm definitely going to be shopping in DC for my giveaway and I'll announce it when I get back. ;)

dress: macy's
vest: forever21
boots: marshall's
tights: urban outfitters
currently listening to... The Hush Sound - You Are The Moon


  1. Cute dress!
    Hope you have fun at church tomorrow ;)

  2. that dress is adorable & so is your cat!

  3. Lovely dress, I haven't seen Sex and The City either so can't help you with that.
    Love the tassles on the waistcoat. Your cat sounds adorable, my dog loves have his photo taken, when I can get him to sit still.

  4. is that your cat? i love cats - he's adorable.... in a scruffy street sorta way :)

  5. Beautiful outfit!
    I love how clean and simple the lines and colors are. It really makes it lovely.
    I hope Derek gets better and that you two get to hang out before you have to leave!

  6. I've taken notice lately of the new editing but have yet to say anything. I think it's very neat looking! I don't know if you've already mentioned it, but what is it that you're doing to them?

    That dress is really pretty! I've never seen a single episode of SATC so I really don't know if it's for real or not. That lady could probably say anything to make a sale. haha

  7. Love that dress! And that gorgeous vest! Hehe, and your car is so cute!


  8. Ah, Elanor you're so awesome! Your photos have been AMAZING with your new camera. You totally deserve 100 followers plus a billion more ;]

    I love this dress. Usually I'm not much for neutrals, but I'm totally digging this on you. I think the colored tights really make it extra special.

  9. You definitely rock that vest. Love this outfit!

  10. Love this whole outfit. :) You're so pretty!


  11. what a gorgeous outfit and I love all the shots of you too!! You've gained a new follower for sure.

  12. I love your dress and vest! Such a cute combination!
    And your cat is adorable. I love cats! I wish I had my own, but my boyfriend's family has three so at least I get to see them :)

  13. You look stunning! And i love your short haircut.

  14. Lovely photos! I love the mixture of femininity (the dress) and masculinity (the boots and vest). And the colors are such lovely fall hues too. Your cat sounds absolutely adorable! Too bad I'm allergic to them. :(

    ♥ Julia
    Just Like Judas

  15. I loooove the way you edited these pictures! Teach me your ways?! HA. I'm serious :)

    love love love this outfit!

    KF x

  16. gorg photos ;___; /envious
    i love the colours, especially of the tights. you pulled everything in so nicely. and im sure ive said this before but i just love your hair.

  17. These tights are just adorable! And I love your cat :)

  18. You are beautiful :) And the song you're listening to is amazing. I love the Hush Sound! Saw them in concert, I'll never forget it...I asked Greta Salpeter where she got her cute little grey dress that night and she said, "$20! Wet Seal!" Adorbs.

    Great tights and boots! What fun textures too on that vest! So fun. And yes, your cat is awesome and feline's are the cat's meow! hehe

    So glad to follow you. Keep healthy and wishing your boy feels better soon!

  19. I am loving your style so much lately! I just don't have the pieces to do an elanor style :P hahahaha. omg I am sorry I haven't send the prize yet! I've been so busy, please forgive me :P

  20. Thank you so much, you're too sweet! You have new follower as well! I am so stinkin' in love with your hair, so sweet and edgy!! Can't wait to see more :)


  21. I have those tights! They look perfect paired with grey.

  22. Great outfit! Adorable dress:)

    Xx Jorien

  23. I love your hair cut. I've always wanted to cut my hair that short and rock the pixie but I'm far to attached to my hair!Love your blog. Can't wait to see more!

    Stolen Stiletto

  24. Hello! I recently stumbled across your blog and I am enjoying scrolling through your archives. You have such a cute style that I wish I had when I was 17! Congrats on your 100+ followers, you deserve it dear!

    xo lisa

  25. I've had supershort hair, but I never looked as perfect with it as you do!! your hair is so elflike and smooth and gorgeous :) your outfit is perfect too, understated and pretty and cool with those boots!


  26. You are just gosh so dang pretty! I can't get over it. Your new camera is taking WONDERFUL pictures!

  27. Hello dear :) I am about to e-mail you... You are the winner of my contest! <33

  28. Your kitty is adorable! Is she a tortoiseshell? I have one too. They are crazy by nature I think. I love kitties!

  29. You always come up with such unique outfits, you look wonderful!!

    Stop being so awesome!! ...just kidding dont stop.


  30. The first shot is insanely gorgeous. Love this outfit and that tree!



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