Washington D.C.!

Greetings from Washington D.C.! After a tiresome day of traveling on Tuesday, my journey in D.C. started yesterday! We woke up late and then took the metro into the city. We wanted to just get our bearings yesterday, so we only visited locations for a short amount of time. We ate lunch at the capital cafeteria then went to the Library of Congress. The outside was just the beginning of its beauty - the inside was decorated so gorgeously! It is amazing how much detail went into these buildings.

In fact, I'm re-realizing how interesting history is after all. Taking AP US history this year in school has given me some inner knowledge of the history of the United States, and it's just really insightful in my opinion. Yesterday was just a little taste of what the rest of this trip is going to look like! :) We took a night bus tour of some of the known monuments, as well, but we plan on visiting them during the day for a better look anyway.

This post was supposed to go out last night - but the in-room internet connection was horrible and my photos would not load to flickr. Right now I'm with my mom at the bar and grill connected to the hotel that has free wifi! We are sharing a bowl of soup as I'm finishing up this post... We plan on visiting at least one of the Smithsonian museums next, today!

Talk to you soon!
xx Elanorphotos 1-6: library of congress, photos 7-10: supreme court building, photo 11: union station


  1. I would LLOOOOVVEEE to go to the library of congress! these are gorgeous pictures, your personal style is sooo great! you look lovely <3


  2. These photos are so pretty! One thing about being a history major for two years, I have a whole bunch of random history facts floating around in my head. Very useless that I'm now a bio major, but they still come in handy once in awhile.

    You look gorgeous by the way. I'm stilllll so in love with your haircut!

  3. Oh, such beautiful pictures! That last picture of the giant Christmas tree is just gorgeous. And I love the polka dots, girl!


  4. wonderful pics!! ive been to DC once and loved it very much! your pics are amazing! and you look as stunning as always!

  5. Beautiful pictures and beautiful architecture!! Someday when I get a grown up job (is 23 too old not have a grown up job yet?!?) I would love to design houses with the love that went into these buildings!


    only 2 more sleeps!!

  6. gorgeous photos - how amazing is that christmas tree!!!

    xx christie


  7. Hello darling! I have to say, I'm envious of your incredible trip.

    And I'm still so in love with your hair. You are a gem. I hope that the holidays are treating you well!

  8. these photos are gorgeous. they make me want to go back to DC so bad. it's one of my favorite cities, it's just such a cool place. you look adorable, as always. merry christmas, elanor! <3

  9. What gorgeous photos - and you look beautiful! I can't wait to go to DC x


  10. Aw, I've still never been to D.C.! These photos are making me want to go ( I used to have zero interest in visiting the capital for whatever reason). Also, AP US history! I never took it (I took AP Art History instead) but I kind of wish I did when I was in high school because all my friends loved it. Ah well :)


  11. These photos are so beautiful, especially that magnificent Christmas tree. :) Just stuff like that makes me smile. It's been such a while since last I've been to DC, hope you have a fun, historic time! Oh wow, I'm a nerd.
    I also love your shortshort hair, it's so very cute.

    Toast with Charmalade

  12. These photographs are stunning Elanor! I feel like I'm there with you.
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas friend!

  13. Oh this looks awesome! I've always wanted to go there! Need to spend some serious time in the states at some point in my life. Merry christmas!!

  14. I AM SO WISHING I WAS YOU. I love D.C. Like seriously. Love. I can't wait to see more pictures, you look beautiful!

    KF x

  15. D.C. is such a fun and lovely place to visit. Have fun darling! I love your outfit -the black & white w/ the pop of brown and yellow is so pretty. Gorgeous as always! xx Marisa


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