Easy Does It.

Merry Monday, y'all. :) I'm posting vuryvury late because I basically spent the whole day with my girl, Jessica. We had a lot of fun, and I know I'll be spending a lot more time with friends (and hopefully making new friends) while Derek is gone. We had a mini photo shoot again, finally! Our last two (here and here) were over the summer! We also searched around for my giveaway but, to my frustration, the nearby antique stores were closed! I'm really eager to get something unique, and antiquey/vintagey for my giveaway. So please don't hate me while I take a bit longer to find a gift or two!

Later, we watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - for my first time! And I loved it! It was so strange and awesome. I plan on reading the graphic novels that the movie was made after as soon as I can!

My outfit today was somewhat simple, but I liked the addition of the string golden belt. I made it into a little bow. :) I really liked Jessica's outfit too. I love how her boots look on her. They are the perfect height and silhouette. Also, surprisingly, the weather wasn't rainy and the temperature was fine! We managed to go sweater-less for a little bit there... :)

Now I'm going to go hit the hay. I go back to school on Wednesday...oh joy...!


skirt: goodwill
sandels: thrifted
v-neck, & tights: target
vintage locket: giveaway!
belt: forever 21 (from on a dress)
currently listening to... silence of the night.


  1. It looks so warm where you are! Casual outfits are the best : )
    Ps - the inspired outfit is up!

  2. I love this outfit, so simple but the gold string belt makes it pop! Don't you wish school / work would never come and we could all just take pretty pictures and blog all day! I sure do!


  3. You both look awesome an omg what type of weather do you guys have :)?! It must be awesome just wearing a tee in january :D!!! Good luck on your first day of school :P or better yet... Back-to-scool!

  4. Ah, you and your friend are so fashionable! And friends really are the best during times when you're down. So spend lots of time with them girl!


  5. Aw the photo-shoot looks like fun!
    I like your skirt a lot with those tights.
    Spending time with friends is a good distraction. Hang in there girl =)

  6. the addition of the gold belt is perfect, it add a nice touch. You look great in this outfit.

  7. Such cute friends! And your string belt is great. I love how you dressed up that v-neck!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  8. I love how the belt makes the golden locket stand out. It's the small things in life that end up standing out the most, don't you think? I hope your not missing your honey too much. xo

  9. you are both just adorable! looks like a fun shoot

    x christie

  10. Elanor, you are so sweet and you have such a cute smile! I really love the mixed prints of your skirt and tights!


  11. I really love that outfit! :)


  12. I just found your blog! I love it. You have fabulous style and I love the location of these photos. Also, I love your hair!


  13. Wow - it's really hard to tell it's January here - usually it's raining cats and dogs! You and Jess look so cute together! xo

  14. ugh you are so cute it kiiiiiiills me. seriously.
    these photos are so gorgeous ;__;
    that skirt and those tights are really interesting together, crazy patterns but they work well together! jessica is cute too :)

  15. Aw, this makes me miss the warm weather. I absolutely love your belt and necklace. Both of you girls look completely lovely. Scott Pilgrim..seriously one of my new favorite movies:)

  16. I loved Scott Pilgrim, and I too can not wait to read the graphic novels. If they are even half as good as the movie, I know I'll enjoy them!

  17. I've been away from the blogging world for a while, and boy, do i love your hair this length. It suits you wonderfully. Both of you girls are adorable. I'm digging her overalls as well as your tights!


    p.s. thanks for your compliments <3


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