I would dearly love to run away,

From your shadow/For just one day
Happy New Year, dears. I want to take a minute to thank all of you who read, or replied, or even shared their own story, on my last post. The replies I got were so touching and it reminded me again of why I love blogging. I'm so glad I could be real with you guys - it felt good to be real. ♥

To update you all, Derek is leaving tomorrow, and I will not be seeing him one last time, after all. This is hard - it's going to be hard. But I'm going to print off what I wrote on New Year's Eve and put it on my bulletin board. So I can see it and remind myself of what I wrote. It will be good. I know it.

My mom helped me out with these photos after church today. It is raining today, and some of these don't look as crisp as I might have wanted, but I like them anyway. In fact, I like this outfit altogether! My favorite part is the Girl Scout badges/pins I put on the blazer. They were my aunt's when she was a little girl. My grandma sent them to my mom and my mom gave them to me. I really like the extra spark that pins and brooches give an outfit. :)

See you all soon.


scarf: h&m
tights: target
dress: forever 21
vintage blazer: mom's
boots: alameda flea market
currently listening to... KT Tunstall - One Day


  1. Lovely outfit, I love the colour of your blazer. I just got myself some combat boots and am getting used to wearing them after years of girlie shoes :)
    My Mum used to be a Brownie/Girl Guide, I'll have to ask if she has any of her pins, they look very unique.

  2. My darling, I just love everything about this outfit.

    And know that you are a gem and that you can handle anything life throws your way. Believe it.

  3. thats a pretty cute umbrella and my fav part of your outfit are the badges/pins too! hope you have a great day :)

    If you haven’t already, come and enter my first giveaway if you like...
    xx Christie

  4. pretty outfit, the dress is gorgeous and the broochs are a nice touch :) x

  5. I love the way the blazer makes your outfit pop! The picture of you standing in the doorway with the umbrella is so beautiful and picturesque!


  6. love this! the red blazer is so cute, the pins add such a nice touch. and i adoreee your boots. i just love brown shoes. :p

  7. If you don't mind, how do you edit your photographs? I absolutely love the look of them and have been planning on tweeking my editing style lately. Thank you!

  8. I am so excited - I have similar pieces in my wardrobe and I think I'm going to have to do an inspired by post, do you mind?

    ps - your mom is great at taking outfit photos!

  9. Yesssss, I absolutely love the vintage blazer! So classy and stylish!


  10. Holy cow. I think this might be my favorite thing you have ever worn. I LOVE IT. I have a red blazer almost exactly like this and it's my momma's too:)

  11. this outfit is absolutely lovely. and i hope that everything with derek works out okay...i'll be praying for y'all! <3

  12. I love this outfit so much, and that blazer is adorable! I just read your last post, and I think you have just the right outlook. I know you'll be able everything that comes your way <3

  13. Cool idea with the girl scout badges. The whole outfit came together beautifully and gosh, I do love those boots:)

  14. your hair!
    oh my goodness, I love your haircut. so gutsy and adorable! perfect for you.

  15. Those are the best boots!! And the outfit is so cute.

  16. you look beautiful. I love your boots. Keep us updated on how you are doing through this rough time.

  17. You are SO adorable! Gosh, stop looking so cute and pulled-together in every single outfit you post! Absolutely love that cozy knit scarf... and that crazy umbrella! I can never find a cute one :(


  18. What a lovely blog and such pretty photos. I hope you have a great year!

  19. Well this has to be without a doubt my favorite outfit ever! EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER (endless). I may need to save this in my inspirations folders ASAP! And God I am so behind! Let me comment on the other post, which I read, but didn't comment because I am too lazy when I use my iPod :P

    Lovely post! LOVELY! ♥

  20. I love your dress, and the scarf looks lovely with it. <3

    Ooh!! Your pictures are SO pretty!! You make me wish I could get out more and take nicer photos. :(

    ~ Katie

  21. Oh my gosh, you are the cutest thing ever! I just stumbled across your blog & I love your outfits & your hair! You look like Emma Watson! :-)

    Happy New Year!

  22. There is SO MUCH I love about this outfit. First, the color of the jacket is amazing. Next, the scarf is a perfect shade of gray and looks super high quality - awesome find at H&M! And the polka dot tights are awesome, too.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  23. ok, perfection! I adore those boots and the blazer...you look just lovely and timeless!


  24. So beautiful. I adore the building and your pop of red!


  25. Your new years post was heart-wrenching and lovely and I wish you luck in the new year. Hopefully you'll find that strength you're looking for!

    I'm seriously in love with this entire outfit. The sweet little girl scout pins (I might have to steal that idea...), the awesome red blazer, the darling florals, and the killer shoes. Plus the pictures. They're fabulous. They've got this perfectly faded vintage-y vibe and I'm loving it. And the cropping on that last one is brilliant. Yea. I just complimented your cropping. I'll stop now.

  26. Gorgeous outfits, darling! Been scrolling through your blog for awhile. Love the adorable house behind you, it's so cute. So is this ensemble - love the tights and the scarf.


    PS I'm following you! :)


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