Spring Colors.

Hey! It's Friday! I wish all my school weeks were just 3 days long. Haha, is it bad that I'm already sick of that place? How was your week? Ready for the weekend? I need to start thinking of ways to amuse myself. I really need to finish putting my room together - I recently moved stuff around, but never finished putting things on the wall et cetera. Also, I would love to start painting/drawing again. I stopped when I became more interesting in fashion and blogging, but I know I'd like to get back into it somehow.

I have a question for all of you! A random one at that, but whatever! How do you sit when you're at the computer? Legs down, legs crossed, cross-legged? Even though I know it's bad for your legs, I like to sit on top of them. Or cross legged. It's so much more comfortable. Alright...enough randomness...hehe.

I felt spring inspired with this outfit (even though I'm well aware that it is still winter...it was in the low 40s today! Eeep.) I've seen a lot of brighter colors on the blogosphere lately, and thought I'd join in! Also, I added my pork pie because I can't bear by hair any longer! (hey that sort of rhymed) I need to get it cut! I'm so lazy though... I keep saying I'm going to do it. Just like I said I'm going to do my Christmas thank yous...No seriously...that's something I need to do... I'm horrible! :(

Anyway, I'm sort of being sporadic and random in this post...I'll leave it at that for now...! I think I'll finally be posting my giveaway tomorrow, justsoyouknow.


P.S last time I blogged about this skirt. czech it out! :)

t-shirt: ?
blazer: goodwill
pork pie: target
tights: marshall's
oxfords: forever 21
skirt: urban outfitters
mint button-up: thrifted
currently listening to... The Secret Sisters - Do You Love An Apple?


  1. What a cute outfit! I really love the floral skirt and they way you layered your blouses and blazer. As far as the way I sit at the computer, I usually sit with one leg under me. And that might explain why my knees crack like a 70 year old lady:) hehe..

  2. I love The Secret Sisters, so it's great to see them becoming more well-known in the blogosphere.

    And I seriously adore your personal style. I never would have thought to pair that shirt with that skirt and the blazer, but it looks incredible! I really love that necklace as well. Gorgeous.

    And I sit criss-crossed!

  3. Cute outfit! You look great in the hat.
    As for the computer...I really sit in all different kind of ways. I usually sit cross legged if I'm at a desk, but I'm rarely at a desk when I blog...usually on the couch or my bed :P

  4. I love the way you mix sooo much! All of the colors and layers of this outfit work so well together in an unexpected way. (unexpected as in, I would never have thought of putting them together. haha)

    I always sit with one leg underneath me and one bent up. But I squirm a lot! That's probably my favorite, I like to keep my feet up just in case a mouse ever gets in the house or worse.. one time I found a spider climbing up my leg when my feet were on the floor! Ah!

  5. if i'm sitting at my desk, i always sit with one leg tucked under me... i know it's SO bad for my knees, and my knees are already messed up from dancing for so many years... but it's just so comfy. ;)

    everything about this outfit is wonderful!

  6. Hey! You should definitely get back to your drawing/painting! If I was able to do either of those I would do them often, consider yourself lucky to have such skills.

    When I'm on the computer I sit "criss cross apple sauce", as my little sister would call it. It's the most comfortable!

    I'm in love with the texture of your blazer, as well as the mixing of patterns. You're always so pretty.

  7. You layered this perfectly and you are so sweet, thanks for your comment! I have those oxfords and wear them all the time! Love that blazer and of course your hat!


  8. Oh I totally sit on top of my legs - cross legged or just on one leg - I know it's so bad but it's totally more comfy! I have to work on my posture though - I'm sure all of this leg sitting is making my posture atrocious.

    I love your skirt and the blazer - great pairing!

    xo Robyn

  9. ahh, yeah, I'm sick of school just thinking about it!
    I love this outfits, these colors look so cute on you!

  10. I love the layering of this outfit! The little pop of the mint shirt makes it seem like spring really is coming.

    As for sitting... I don't have a proper desk to work at. I'm either on my bed, in which I usually sit cross legged or lay on my tummy, or sitting on the living room couch with my feet propped on the coffee table. Sometimes I'll be at the kitchen table with one leg tucked underneath me.

  11. Your hat is so cute! And don't worry... last year, I got SO sick of high school I literally quit doing homework. I didn't study for finals and I only ever looked at my calculus textbook. Other than that, I didn't do a thing. It was so bad. I wouldn't recommend it although strangely, I got my second 4.0 in a semester all throughout high school. Hahaha

    I also love your skirtC:

  12. you have a great sense of style!
    I'm throwing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to participate dear :)

  13. I love the bright colours with the stripes! I'm noot confident enough to try out mixing patterns yet.

    And I like to sit with feet up on the desk in a reclined almost laying down position! haha


  14. mixing those prints up and doing so flawlessly! Florals and stripes are a favorite combination of mine. And about sitting at the computer, I usually prop myself up in bed and type which is the absolute WORST for your back! I need better back support or my computer habits will do me in :X


  15. Oh, you's such a cutie in this outfit! Love the mix of stripes and florals and the boyish touch your cute fedora gives.

    PS: I tend to cross my legs too, but my grandma keeps telling me not to haha!


  16. I love the colors. And the mix of stripes and floral!


  17. You look beautiful! I love this outfit, I wanted to let you know that I added you to my side bar under blogs I love... you have such a great blog, I look forward to reading it more!


  18. I just adore how you put this whole outfit together...it's very outside the box and works beautifully. The hat looks adorable on you. You must be a professional stylist:)

  19. im loving this outfit<3

    http://inablondeworld.blogspot.com/ check my blog out i would really appreciate it:)xxxx

  20. love your blog! new follower. i awarded you a bloggy award though :) check it out.


  21. I'm such a sucked for print mixing. I absolutely adore this look.

  22. I just found your blog... I absolutely love it. You have really awesome style. I am a new follower :) I am very envious of your hair, too. It's really adorable. Not everyone can pull off the short hair. You definitely can.

  23. Ooooh, I love the pretty spring colors! Very adorable.

    Haha, love the random question too. I usually avoid sitting in my computer chair unless I'm doing school work. But I usually sit on my legs too when I do haha. You're right, that was a random thing to think of... :]

  24. great outfit...love the mix of prints here!


  25. wow, i love all the layers and prints going on here. so creative, so inspiring.
    i've just literally gone through and saved almost every one of your outfits for inspiration.
    you're fantastic.

    Charlotte xxx


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