coat: target, dress, belt, & cardigan: goodwill, sandals: thrifted
Wow, look at me. Getting them posts in before 11 pm! Woohoo, right?! Also, I kinda have to. The rest of the night is homework for me!

Do you ever feel like you try to be there for your friends, and you give it your all, but you end up getting nothing in return? I know it shouldn't be about that... but it makes me wonder what the friendship is really about what I am always the one asking "how are you?" I'm sure this is very common. But it make me sad. Makes me think I don't have real friends, in some ways, you know? But then I also wonder, if they actually asked me "how are you?" - would I be able to answer truthfully? Not many people know exactly what's going on in my life, and I don't really know how I'd be able to explain in a one word response.

Anyway, yesterday I found an old film camera of my dad's hiding away! Hopefully I can get some film and try it out! The lens case is big enough for my Rebel's lens, so I'm definitely stealing it for now. ;) I love finding stuff I never knew existed, don't you?

I loved and still love long coats, especially with skirts and dresses, so when I finally got this coat from Target, I was so excited! This is only the second time I've worn it, but I just love how it has a unique pattern, but also manages to mix with other prints effortlessly. Cool, right?

As you might have been noticing, I've been adding more photos to my posts that are just photos and not outfit shots. This is because I'm trying to learn more about my camera, and see what else I can come up with, other than outfit shots. I haven't had an opportunity to just make that my objective and take photos, but I will soon enough! But for now, just random photos that I took and liked. Happy weekend! Talk to you soon! x
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  1. elanor, you look lovely. i really adore your style. and you take beautiful photos, i love that you post pictures of other things as well as your outfits. i can't wait to see what you do with your film camera! <3

  2. I like the last picture!

  3. oh, don't even get me started. i feel like that all the time! you're definitely not alone...and most of the time it's just silly thinking. don't worry, darling.

    this outfit is lovely (as always), and the colors are perfection (as always), goodness, you make me so jealous with each post! hehe. and i think your non-outfit photos are gorgeous. don't stop! :)

  4. love the pattern on your jacket elenor! and i think its great that your adding other photos of bits and pieces too - reminds me i need to learn how to use my own camera! take care


  5. Beautiful pictures as always! I like that fuzzy plant thing, it's a wonderful photography. :D Your skirt and shoes are so adorable. You look like you belong back then. ;)

  6. Those are so awesome shoes. Love this entire look.


  7. Oh I love this outfit! well...I love all your outfits but I could see meself in this one right now! I also know how you feel with friends. You'll probably find out after high school who your real friends were. I had tons of friends in high school and now almost 6 years out I have 2 and they both have moved far away! Kinda sucks but you realize you dont really need tons of friends you see all the time but your 2 friends you see once and awhile.


  8. Beautiful shots, outfit and otherwise :) I love old Minoltas, I used to play with my Dad's when I was little and used it a lot through uni. Love the way they handle. I wish they still made metal cameras. So durable :)

    I am lucky and I think there is a give and take going on between my friends and me but maybe that means I am the one who takes all? LOL I have felt like that with a couple of people in the past but those friendships ended.
    Mind you I think when someone is going through a rough patch things might feel one sided for a while but that doesn't mean they wouldn't be there for you just the same once they get their act together. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I feel like that all the time! I thought it'd change in college and I'd meet all these lovely friends but here I am about to graduate and it hasn't changed one bit. Sorry if that was super discouraging but you're not alone!

    Have fun with your new camera! Film is so fun because it is often unpredictable.

    I really like the picture of the fence. The diagonals of the fence and trees are going in the same direction so it seems like the limbs are a continuation of the fence!

  10. You are adorable, and you shoot in film.

    That's a good combination!

    (My fiance and I are both film purists.)

    I can't wait to see your next outfit. I believe that we are kindred spirits, you and I!

  11. Gorgeous photos! I love your hair, it makes me miss having short hair!

    I feel you on the friend thing girl - I've got a few friends like that as well. Sometimes it just gets to a point where you stop trying and I think if you've given it your all, then too bad for them :)


  12. I just found your blog through chictopia, and I love it. Great pictures, great outfits, and I love your hair! It makes me want to cut mine that short again.


  13. I love the new header...seriously adorable:) These photos are quite lovely, and of course your outfit is amazing as always..can't wait to see what you do with your new camera.

  14. wow, i really, really love the cardigan belted over the dress- you have completely inspired me!!
    I will definitely be trying this out really soon- thank you!!

    Charlotte xxx


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