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dress, brogues, belt: goodwill, vest: wetseal, tights: target
It's Saturdayyyy! Hurray! Anyone doing anything amazing for this "Valentine's Day Weekend" as some people say? Yesterday I went to see a ballet of Sleeping Beauty with my friend Tegan. I've never seen a ballet before so it was kinda amazing in a weird way... Not my favorite thing in the whole world, but it was really cool and the male dancers could jump really high! That was the highlight. :)

Today I worked for three hours, and now I'm about to go to the mall for a bit and maybe shop a bit before seeing a movie with my friend Jessica. I'm not even sure what's playing though... Hopefully something good! I've got a movie pass from Christmas so that's lovely.

Just got some quick photos right now - mainly to show off my new shoes. I bought another pair of brogues from Goodwill! I love the rich color of them. And they are leather, from Italy. I love finding expensive and amazing shoes at Goodwill for cheap! Have a swell Saturday, loves. x
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  1. You look so darling, girl! And you seriously always have the best shoes. It sounds like you are having a wonderful "Valentines Day" weekend, a ballet, shopping and movie? Can I hang out with you? hehe..sounds so much fun!! Have a great rest of your weekend love. xo

  2. You look wonderful hun! Your weekend sounds wonderful... mine has been filled with work, and homework...I really hope that soon I can have a relaxing and fun weekend.


  3. Are your pals as stylish as you are??? My, I feel like hanging out with you guys would be a blast.

    I love your updated blog layout! It's so orderly and pretty!

  4. You look super cute! The dress is pretty and the vest is such a good touch. And I almost thrifted a pair of shoes just like that today, but they were too small:( Bummer, right?

  5. What an adooooooooooooooorable outfit! Seriously. I am dead right now from all the awesomeness! Gaaaah

    And well, all I did this "romantic weekend" was hanging out with my mom and we had a marathon at the movie theater! And saw two rom-com movies! :P So yeah, nothing fancy of course. I hope you had an awesome one!

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  7. I'm new to your blog and I really love it! Most of my interesting clothing comes from Goodwill too — three cheers for vintage. Love your style! :)

  8. You look lovely as usual! The cherrie on your dress are so cute and the brogues are just too good! I never get your sort of luck with these things! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. ♥

  9. i'm in love with those brogues! i'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of brogue/loafers. i love those tights with those dress!

  10. yay for expensive shoes for cheap prices! your new brogues look lovely.



  11. i love ballets.
    they are so wonderful..i havent been in awhile..but i like to watch them on youtube.
    you are beautiful as always love.
    pictures are stunning as well. :)

  12. This is so cute! I love those tights with the floral dress!

    Thanks for your adorable comment!

  13. blogwlking
    happy valentine's Day <3

  14. I love finding leather shoes from Italy for pennies! It makes me so happy! Hope you have a wonderful day!


  15. Love your haircut, love your layering! So adorable.

    Also, thanks for your comment and have a happy Valentine's day!


  16. I love your dress and that last picture is just gorgeous! I have a soft spot for sun flares <3

    xo Robyn

  17. the dress and tights play so nicely off each other! just lovely! xoxoxox

  18. I really like the vest, belted, over the dress. It really changes up the silhouette. And the shoes are pretty sweet too!


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