Sour Times,

graphic t, & skirt: ?, fringe vest: forever 21, belt, & brogues: goodwill
I've been meaning to style a graphic t-shirt lately, but I realized when I was changing my style, I got rid of a lot of them that I've had since middle school. But this one I kept for some reason - it has a jeweled leopard on it so that could be why...! I'm glad I kept this cause I think this deep shade of purple looks very nice with the brown of my skirt. This is an outfit of me sort of trying new things... so, yay - hurray!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my last photo post. :) If it wasn't obvious, I visited a cemetery and also Stinson beach with friends. As I attempted to promise, I will post every day. But this is just short for now. And for your hearing pleasures, I'm adding a Portishead song, Sour Times. It's brilliant. x

currently listening to... Portishead - Sour Times


  1. Why do you always have good luck finding cute shoes??? Im jealous!
    I really like your skirt and vest! Long skirts have been one of my recent obsessions haha


  2. Can I just take a second to compliment your face? Seriously, you are so gorgeous!!

    And kudos for you-- I tried posting every day.. and it lasted three days? Ha.

    This outfit is gorgeous- I've only got a handful of graphic shirts myself so I think I'll try to style one for tomorrow.

    Talk soon,

  3. I love how you styled this graphic tee! And those brogues are fantastic. I wish my goodwill had such cute shoes!

  4. You are so gorgeous! The purple goes so well with the brown skirt, you are right! Looks lovely. I love your hair...you and Emma Watson..I swear you girls make me want to cut my hair super short. Stunning! x

  5. I think you styled it very nicely! :) It's always great to try new things.

    x Courtney

  6. Those shoes!!!
    what a sweet goodwill find.
    p.s. lovely photos

  7. I think I may own one graphic t-shirt. It's quite sad. I really should have kept them!

  8. I love graphic tees! You look beautiful. :)

  9. I wish you would have got a close-up of that awesome belt! Cute ensemble! xo

  10. You really look amazing!
    Love your style!


  11. It is very pretty! I love it. nice outfit indeed. Who would have thought that loafers and a maxi skirt so look so cute together?!??

  12. i dont have many graphic tees left anymore either, I really liked how you styled this shirt....makes me wish I had kept some of my tees. oh and great tune!

  13. I had so many great band shirts that I got rid of! Well, I actually cut them up to make a quilt that I STILL, 5 years later, haven't finished making. This summer! Maybe even this spring break. Fo Real.

    I love love love love your fringe vest. What a great piece.

    You have such an eye for unexpected pairings! I love it.


    And that song rules. It was in my dance studio's recital as a kid in like 1998 or something, and it blew my little 7 year old mind.

  14. Portishead is just awesome. Sour Times is one of my favourties of theirs. You look lovely!


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