"Wrong, do it again!"

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?!?!?!?!
I'm sure you guys are sick of my fun little photoshoots with Lijah, but this is the last one - I promise! Well... the last one for a little while. :) We go back to school on Monday, unfortunately! I think this has probably been one of the most fun/eventful breaks from school... in a long time. I'm really glad that I didn't sit around doing nothing like I find myself doing often!

So I styled up Lijah, sort of. His scarf is mine, and so are all the glasses. I think he looks super chic - not to mention our spiked hair. ;) That was the main event of today, to spike our hair! You know, since we both have short hair. And leather jackets! Hahaha. I know these 'shoots aren't too serious, but that's why they are fun!!

Anyway. I think I'm going to force Lijah and myself to spike our hair like this for school at some point. I'll let you know if we ever do it. Happy Friday! x
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  1. Haha looks like fun!
    Is Lijah the new man in your life?
    These pics are so cute.

  2. You guys look awesome!! Looks like fun!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Fun outfits!! I'm loving your spiked hair. You should wear it like that to school:) Lijah's look actually reminds me of Ducky from Pretty in Pink.

  4. Happy weekend you rebels! :) Typical, the youth of today loitering menacingly ;D

  5. LOVE the spiked hair!!

    and your Polaroid necklace is so cute!! and your glasses and scarf totally make Lijah's outfit :)

    fun photo shoots are the best and these are some great ones! good luck going back to the grind, but so glad you got to make some memories and have fun over break!! <33

  6. This photoshoot are SUPER fun. Good luck when you go back to school. ♥ That necklace is awesome, and I love how you incorporated edginess to contrast the dress and pearls.

  7. You two took amazing photos! What better than ending a break than with a fantastic photoshoot?! :D hehe


  8. you both look fierce, and you are such a beautiful girl :) I love the floral with the white tights!

  9. God! I love guys with spikey hair... this way! haha not the awkward spikey with gel. He looks very handsome this way :P you should tell him that and... of course I also love girls who do that with their hair! You rock it! I've never had my hair that short to make it go all the way, but I wish I could :( I find it beautiful :)

  10. these shoots may not be too serious, but girl you look damn good in that outfit, I swear! :D

  11. You both look amazing :))) I seriously lovee your style!



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