A Taste of Spring

skirt, sunnies, & belt: goodwill, heels: thrift town, shirt: target, necklace: my mom's
Although if you ask anyone at my highschool they will disagree with me, but, long skirts are the way to go. There are times and places for short skirts, but I am personally way more attracted to the silhouette of a longer skirt. I know I've talked about this before, but I just can't get enough of them right now. For a beautiful example, see Kate Maggie of Postcards From's latest post. I adore her skirt! It comes right below the knee like mine, and she just looks darling.

I know that I'm being so ironic, right! Wearing a rather short skirt on Monday, and a rather long one today. What can I say - I'm a wild child.

Lijah found these sunglasses at Goodwill for me when we were doing a little thrifting (I found him an awesome blazer with elbow patches!). I thought that it was about time that I get some different sunglasses, as much as I love my faithful Raybans. It's good to switch it up here and there! These are kinda big, but I'm actually quite fond of them.

One last thing! Remember my last post? It was rainy and windy? Well today it was in the 60s! It was amazing! For the first time, I actually went bare leg! A perfect taste of spring! I can't wait. X
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  1. This outfit is adorable. My favorite skirt length is *just* above the knee.. a couple inches max. To me, longer skirts (that aren't maxis) bring me down because of my height. But it looks wonderful on you.

    I'm so jealous of all the green in your pictures! Who cares about the temps with all that lush grass? It's still a snowy wasteland where I live.

  2. May I borrow your friend Llijah? He seems like the perfect shopping/photgraphing/blogging buddy!

  3. those sunnies are amazing :) enjoy the weather and love your style!!

  4. I definitely agree with you on the whole long-skirt thing. I think it's a trend that's starting to come back.

    Also, I'm so confused. I thought your boyfriends name was Derek?

  5. LOVE your skirt! it looks great on you. i can't pull off below the knee skirts, just doesn't work for me. but you rock it girl! (:

  6. I am in love with your blog's aesthetic! Calming colors and an inspirational outfits. I'll be following!


  7. Lovely outfit! I'm currently on a midi skirt kick too but haven't had the courage to wear the ones I've accumulated yet. Someday soon after seeing this outfit though. You're so chic! x

  8. i love that skirt, and the last photo is really awesome!

    <3 steffy

  9. stunning <3


  10. amazing pics as always!

  11. Girl, you always look so cool and untouchable.

    I'm usually more partial to short skirts but I have been bookmarking midi skirts lately. I'm still hesitant to try them for fear of looking like a shorty :\

  12. i am going to keep this short and simple and 2 the point. :)
    I LOVE YOUR SKIRT! love it!

  13. wow, beautiful :))

    LOVE minnja ♥


  14. Elanor that last photo of you is gorgeous! Seriously, frame it! It's like out of a magazine or something.

    Love the skirt on you lady, the colors are really lovely and I love how you paired it with a simple top.

  15. Oh, God. I was reading your blog... actually I was reading this post on Thursday and out of nowhere my cousin decide to sits next to me and he goes like "wathca doin?! Who's that girl? Why are you looking at her pictures?!" and I go like, "dude, chill..." hahaha he's only 10 though :p but that totally distracted me and I couldn't comment and now I forgot what I was going to write on Thursday, BUT you look awesome :D maybe I was going for something that had to do with the skirt or I don't know. Very unfortunate, but anyway, here's my comment :D

  16. Hi there darling! lovely post!they don't know what they're talking about! The length of your skirt is the perfect size! i love suck skirts! BUT, to wear one in that length, you have to be tall. Im really small, and as much as I want to wear such skirts, i just can't pull it off without looking like a miget..:( we're hosting a GIVEAWAY on our blog by the way! Come and take a look:) Participate if you like! It's open to everyones:)

    Farah @ FashionFabrice.

    Have a FABULOUS day:)

  17. stunning skirt, you look lovely

  18. I love everything about this outfit! Amazing. Great Goodwill finds!

  19. Long skirts ARE the way to go. They're my favorite!!!! I always loved them longer even when I wasn't so into modesty like I am now. They're comfortable and beautiful!! I love the design on yours!!!


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