blouse, belt, & self-hemmed skirt: goodwill, sweater: old navy, wedges: forever 21
Okay, so I'm really actually proud of this outfit. :) I'd like this to be an outfit that when someone looks at me, they say this is definitely you. Maybe the wedges could be exchanged for a flat or some sort, but, otherwise... this just feels so right. And speaking of the wedges, I got them from Forever 21 on Friday. They are super high! But I like being tall for once, heheh. I can't wait to wear them bear-legged. Unfortunately, it got cold again over here! :( Tights are back for a bit, by the looks of it.

I'm feeling a bit down today, as school is really being stressful. This next week is spring break though and I'm going to be going to Southern California to check out colleges - this is my news! I'm going with my friend Lijah and his dad, which will be fun. So, I have a question for you SoCal'ers. What do you go to? I'm checking out UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, CSU Fullerton, CSU Long Beach, and Chapman. Do any of you go (or went in the past) to these colleges? Or have any advice or information for me?

Oh, and I love this sheer blouse. It's a very pretty neutral shade, and with checks. Love it! & of course, I found it at Goodwill. ;) I hope you all had a lovely Wednesday! x
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  1. Those shoes are gorgeous! Forever 21 has had a bunch of awesome footwear recently.
    I would definitely check out Santa Cruz. Both of my sisters went there and absolutely loved it. I was always so jealous when I went to visit them! Cal Poly is also pretty cool, a good one to check out!

  2. That blouse is seriously gorgeous!!! What a fantastically lucky find. It's always great to wear an outfit you feel confident in. As far as colleges go, it's a very personal decision. I lived in Santa Barbara for the first 20 years of my life and the collage there is good but it's also known as a party school. What do you want to study?

  3. My cousins both went to UCSC, and one of them also went to UCSB. He said that UCSB really was a party school unless you were a nerd (like he was) and just studied. However, both of my cousins both enjoyed UCSC.

  4. have fun checking out colleges! i remember doing that and it was so exciting to see what the future held. also i love your wedges! :D

  5. oh decisions decisions i remember when i was trying to figure out where to go. it's scary. i hope the trip is fun and you get a good feel for the places...

    on another note, you look stunning in that outfit. your goodwill blouse is amazing. i need to get my arse down to forever 21, ive seen so many lovely things from there lately.


  6. You look fantastic!! I love the wedges and the pretty green skirt. So cute:) Good luck with all your college visits.

  7. okay... hands down my favorite outfit from you!!! i love that button up top, and the cardigan over it... just clever! you have styled it so well :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    your jewellery is awesome! what a steller ring.

    i also cannot say enough about that skirt. the colour is fabulous, the pattern wild. and the length is awesome.

    such a pretty outfit!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  9. I can see why you're so proud of this outfit - it's awesome! I love the light cream colors with your bold cream skirt. You look so lovely :)
    I'm sorry school is stressing you out. If it helps, I'm currently in the same boat. We'll get through it though!

  10. love the whole look you have going on here. Those shoes do look incredibly high but you are rocking them.

  11. Lovely look! And good luck with your college search -- remember, it isn't jail and you can always change where you go if you don't like it! No matter how many you visit, the real test is to attend that college and see how you do/feel!

    Its a very exciting time and SoCal! Thats amazing! Can't wait to see you posting and posing out West :)

    Also, I love the flowers/scenery shots you include!

  12. This is beyond lovely and beautiful! It's just amazing and I can't get over the fact of how pretty you look! O:! Seriously! It's crazy. Anyway, I'd love to help you out with the colleges thing but I'm not from SoCal, but if you decide to come to NM or TX then I can help, but then again, who would want that :P? Hahahaha, ok... good luck with your trip :) Are you going with that friend of yours who also happens to be incredibly gorgeous?! You lucky girl!

  13. those shoes are awesome!! Goodwill is definitely my fav store! good luck on finding your perfect college / university!


  14. I love blouses found thrifting/at Goodwill. They're always such nice quality and have such character. It seems almost like cheating to buy a nice detailed button up blouse from anywhere else, since they're so easy to find secondhand! Love your outfit :)

    <3 Lea

  15. This is an adorable outfit and the sheerness is so romantic! I love it with your chic pixie cut! Are you really going to L.A. for college? Good luck, I hope you enjoy your visit and I hope you find a college that suits you. I know most people from the Bay Area don't like L.A., but obviously I can't stereotype everyone! I personally have never wanted to live in L.A., but I am visiting after graduation. But then I'm moving to New York to find a job! Hope you have a lovely spring break and enjoy your down time, you deserve it!

    Also wasn't Alameda Flea Market so much fun on Sunday? Although my chest neck area is burnt now and it was so windy at the beginning! I loved it so much and I bought quite a few things. Shame I didn't bump into you... considering how I bumped into three friends there.

  16. Hey there! I just found your blog and I'm really loving the look and feel! So very vintage! This outfit is gorgeous. Loving the green peek of color beneath the cream and the wedges are a nice touch! Good luck in searching for colleges :) Come check out my blog when you have a moment and maybe we can follow each other?


    Also, enter for a chance to win my skull bracelet giveaway!

  17. oh my! i agree this outfit looks so you! and is definitely going on this Sunday's Sunday favorites!
    absolutely gorgeous!!!

    are you visiting only state universities?
    i'm from socal, so I know a couple of good colleges :)
    I ended up in norcal at Santa Clara University, but either way!

  18. I am in love with all your layers here! Oh it is so gorgeous :d Love the sandals and that cardigan the most :d Great blog you have ;)

  19. LOVE the green!

    I went to a teeny-tiny little University in Newport called Vanguard. I loved every second of it. I have friends that went to all of those schools you mentioned! My friends who went to Chapman LOVE that school a lot, I always hear the most positive remarks from people who went there. And I went to a lot of concerts at UC Irvine back in the day, so fun. :) I was born and raised in Southern California, and I love it it here. It's not for everyone, I understand that, but I think you'd like it! :)

  20. UCSC is so much fun. I went to CAL but my best friends went to UCSC. I was down there every weekend. I actually wanted to transfer there but stuck it out at CAL. I like UCSC because it is close to home but far enough away where you don't have to go home if you don't want to. They also have a wonderful academic program, particularly if you are into the sciences and social sciences. Beautiful campus as well! I am applying there in the fall for school (again. haha). xoxo


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