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skirt, shoes, belt: goodwill, shirt: zara, jacket: macy's, purse: urban outfitters
The Alameda Flea Market yesterday was a lot of fun. This post is photo heavy, but check them out! You can catch a glimpse of what I wore as well. The weather was windy, as always, but nice and sunny too. I was really glad to be wearing a long skirt! It kept the wind out quite sufficiently.

I did in fact, find a few treasures! I got a lovely ring for $5, a beautiful tooled vintage 70s purse (that can fit my camera!) for $8, and a few other little things that we picked up... :) I went with my mom, and we always have a fun time together. It was a lovely day! In fact, I had a truly amazing weekend over all. Saturday I spent the day in one of the small hippie towns of northern California, called Fairfax, with my friend Nat. We wandered and later watched a 1980s horror film, The Shining. Let me tell you - scary!!

Hope your weekend was equally as good! &, I hope your weather is as nice as ours! It's 75 out right noww! Talk to you soon, dears. X
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  1. I love the skirt! And these pictures are ah-mazing! I love hanging with my mom too! They are the funniest people on Earth... no one like them :) Anyway, I love the new layout! Very you :)

  2. These are some amazing pictures and you are simply so elegant and gorgeous -- that first photo is breathtaking!! I love, love, LOVE this outfit you styled! The red, the skirt, that jacket -- your shoes! You have quite the eye! Perfect for wandering around :)

    Looks like a beautiful day and a lovely market!! What fun adventures and memories to make with mom. You two look alike, and that is a good thing!! <33 have a great week, darling!

  3. That flea market looks amazing! I see so many things there I wish I could buy!

  4. omg can i go to this flea market ?? where is it?? i love your skirt and white jacket, and this whole outfit looks so great!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. That place looks like it pour over with cool finds, I've never been to a flea market but this makes me want to search one out!

    Just recently started following your blog, I adore your photos and great style! :)

  6. Great pictures! And I agree-- that flea market looks amazing! They're so much fun. And you look lovely as always!

    Love the new layout too, btw.

    Julie @ Mint & Mellow (Enter my giveaway!)

  7. oh lady! i was there too! we probably walked right by each other. it was such a fabulous day for it.
    glad you found some lovely things.
    love your skirt.

  8. You and your mother look really alike, I think your smiles are the same :) That's sweet

  9. great pictures elanor! and i love the new design on your blog as well.

  10. nice top!! i absolutely love the atmosphere of the flea market. indeed need to go there more.



    p.s. new layout is fantastic

  11. ooohhh..i love the shining. :)
    wonderful pictures..i love all the colors.
    i wish there were some flea markets in wv like these.
    looks like so much fun!
    have wonderful week love.

  12. that looks like an awesome flea market, what a great way to spend a day

  13. this looks so so so fun! I wish there were flea markets by where I live:( love your outfit.

  14. These items are so cute. I really love the shirt you are wearing.

  15. I wish we would have known you were going! We were there too! I think you look so very lovely (those shoes are AMAZING.) Sweet find with the tooled leather purse for only $8.00! I love the flea market. And thanks for adding us to your blogroll. It made my day! We are adding you as well because I think you have the best style lady!

  16. Love the outfit!! I like your pictures. I love your bloggg!!! I'm your new follower! Hope you can do the same
    xoxo asiahlynn

  17. I'm jealous! I wish I was there! Besides that, you look precious as always! That skirt length is lovely on you!

  18. Wow, what an awesome looking flea market!! I love your outfit, you look lovely. Your necklace is so pretty. I once watched the shining one summer with one of my best friends almost every day. It's definitely scary, but it's a great flick.


  19. Hey, I was there too! Love the Alameda flea market -- and loving your outfit, too. Glad you took a picture of all those bracelets, I remember seeing those and thinking they looked like candy! :)

    Nice to come across another Bay Area blogger - I shall be back! xx

  20. That looks and sounds like so much fun! And there you are wearing a longer skirt again... and looking so so lovely in it! You pull those of with such ease. :)

  21. This looks soooooo fun!!! So jealous!


  22. This just reminds me why I need to go to a flea market. And kettle corn!!! I need to leave before I start drooling on my keyboard.

  23. Wow~! 220 followers! That's so awesome E!! Great post - happy reminder of a wonderful time! xoxo

  24. I adore this picture and your skirt,they are grt dear..you hv a lovely blog

  25. Those bangles are dreamy and I still absolutely love your shoes :) Awesome pictures


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