Fringe & A Wide Brim.

dress, belt, shoes, & sunglasses: goodwill, hat: target, vest: forever 21
So, I'm scheduling this post for tomorrow, which is actually today for those reading this! Such a fun option to have, scheduled posting. While you are examining this post, I am at the Alameda Flea Market with my mom! I've only managed to go once before, but I'm really excited that I'm going again. As you may know, I got these/these/these boots at the flea market last time, so I'm really hoping to scoop up some other great treasures today!

As for this outfit, this was from last Wednesday. :) As you can assume from the photos, the weather we have been having is unbelievable! Gorgeous in the 70s. I got to wear this amazing hat that I bought from Target the other day! I'm really loving/getting a kick out of hats this season. They're such a fun accessory!

The rest of the outfit speaks for itself, I suppose! I'm glad to be back and blogging. Gosh, it's addicting! But a good addiction, I think. I'm working on my layout revisions still, so don't mind it as it is going to be a construction zone. And as for my news mentioned in my last post... I've still got to talk about it! So, soon. You can count on it. X

Speaking of things to count on... giveaway some time soon, anyone?? ;)
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  1. super cute outfit! you look so "spring" love it!!!
    and your hat is adorable!


  2. I like this outfit a lot! All the pieces mix so well. You look great in bright red! I really want to get some hats to wear this spring and summer. They seem like such an easy way to dress up an outfit and they're great sun protection! I think your layout it looking great so far.

  3. Love it! And yes, please, giveaway! :D

  4. Love the hat!! I have an obsession with hats! You look wonderful.. I would love for you to pick out my clothes! haha


  5. I love this outfit! The print on the dress is so adorable. You look lovely, as always!

  6. gorgeous dress, everything about it is pretty

  7. This outfit is so, so lovely... that dress is perfect! I've been looking all over for a red printed dress with a nice vneck. No luck :( And I love the pieces you paired it with!


  8. ohh i love this outfit as well! the hat and vest especially! :)

  9. i adore this wide brimmed hat, just wore one like it! and the fringe vest is amazing!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  10. ahhhh! So jealous of your lovely weather! Cant wait to use all this summery inspiration I've saved up from you!


  11. These pictures are really great and I love the print on the dress!

  12. Love love this outfit!
    I need some of those shoes!


  13. how amazing is this outfit?
    And I'm in love with your hat, it's really beautiful!

  14. i cant wait till our temps get to 70, that sounds amazing. Love your hat, it looks great on you.

  15. I clearly need to come to YOUR goodwill. I never find things half as good as this! You look STUNNING.

  16. We have the same hat! Twinkies :D

  17. you look SO cute!! And I love your new layout :)

  18. i looove the alameda flea market!

    i went this past sunday too...i got a really awful sunburn...but i also found a really great purse.

    lovely blog!


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