The Grove

shirt: thrifted, skirt, shoes, & belt: goodwill, jean jacket: found it, purse: vintage, dooney & burke
Hi dears. :) I'm back from my short trip. Thanks for all your beautiful comments on my 1 Year post! I'm so happy I've come so far with all of you along the way...! Anywho, my dad and I left for Los Angeles a little after 7 on Saturday morning and spent the next 7 ish hours driving... what fun, what fun! But seriously, it was fun. We talked and listened to music and made the best of the long drive. We got to LA around 3:45 ish and checked into the Biltmore Hotel (which, for your information, was home to the Academy Award Ceremony in the 30s and 40s!) The archetecture was beautiful and the whole place was very surreal. I felt like I could have been in the 20s, 30s, and 40s while there!

We went the The Grove later, which is a farmer's market-type thing, along with a lovely outdoor mall. We wandered and took these photos! I chose to wear a relatively comfortable outfit because I was in the car most of the day... and, as you will see in a future post, I changed outfits for the Les Miserables show anyway. ;)

I'm keeping it at this for now because we somehow managed to take a lot of photos in the short time we were in LA! I included a few Hipstamatic shots, because I happily stole my dad's iPhone to track things that I didn't take photos of with my DSLR. (I am waiting patiently till I can order either the HTC Incredible 2 or Thunderbolt to replace my currently dying Blackberry Curve... What a piece of crap...) Anyway, enjoy! x
currently listening to... First Aid Kit - I Met Up With A King


  1. Your hair's so gorgeous! And short!
    Nice floral patterns...

    Visit me!

  2. Looks like a great trip! I love the pattern on the skirt. Oh, and don't forget to check out the five bloggers site! We are so close. Oh, and do you have a twitter account?


  3. Such a cute outfit! I love seeing your pictures :D

  4. This looks like such a lovely time spent with your dad! Your outfit is perfectly put together as well!

    xo Julia

  5. Looks like you had a fab time on your trip - cool pics too hun. xx


  6. i love your skirt, and im so glad you had a great trip!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  7. omgahhh you are too cute! i want your loafers and your bag. and pretty much everything else. i wish i had the courage to chop all my hair off; the pixie cut looks great on you! =)


  8. the pair of you look too cute. I adore this outfit, really I am already thinking of ways I can recreate it for myself :)

  9. aw, you and your dad are too sweet! I've never been to the Biltmore but i'm a sucker for old hotels, it and the roosevelt are high on my list of places to stay in LA :)

  10. i love this look :)
    esp love your skirt :)


  11. These photos are lovely, looks like you had an amazing time :)

    I adore your outfit, that skirt is lovely!


  12. the iphone photos actually look superb! And your outfit is adorable, especially the top, it makes everything really stand out! Hahaha and I am sorry to hear about your phone dying, I mean mine's pretty much dead 24/7, so don't worry about yours! I bet it can't be as bad as mine :)

  13. i think we are thrifting twins. i thrifted that same skirt, if you look on my store it sold a month or so ago. so funny! You look amazing in it. What a lovely sounding trip. I love the photo of you and your dad. You guys look so happy. x

  14. Such a beautiful outfit. And long car journeys can be fun with good company and sing-along music!

  15. you look gorgeous!!! i love your outfit!!
    happy to have you back!!


  16. Love your bag and .... the song you are listening too! I was addicted to that song last year too


  17. Great outfit! Its so cute on you! <3

    It looks like you had lots fun! All your pictures are beautiful!

  18. I love the way you effortlessly layered this look. You look chic!


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