Les Mis & The Biltmore

dress, & shawl: thrifted, tights, & wedges: target
Hello! Here is my post for the second half of my Saturday In LA (imma call it that from now on). My dad and I drove back to the hotel around 6:30ish and changed into a bit more spiffy outfits for the show, Les Miserables, that we were going to see that night. This is what I wore...as you can see. :) I wish I could have got more detail shots on my jewelry, because I really tried to channel turquoise or shades of in this outfit.

Les Mis was wonderful! The acting and singing was beautiful and the stage effects were really cool... I didn't even know they could do some of the things that they did. One thing that I wish could have been different were our seats. We weren't all that far away, but being closer would have been a different experience, you know? We would have been able to see the emotion on the actor's faces. As Les Mis is a very moving story, I'm sure there was a lot going on in the small movements that being far away limited us from seeing.

Anyway, that night we explored the hotel! As you can see, I incorporated some shots of the architecture and details of the ceiling and walls. However, Saturday night my dad and I sneaked in to one of the ballrooms that was locked! It was so exciting! They locked the main doors, but we went in through one of the side doors... ;) I was kinda nervous and I couldn't help but think of The Shining, unfortunately! That movie is so good, yet so scary! The fact that the hotel was old and it was 12 am when we were snooping around... well, let's just say I had a fun time exploring, anyway! Haha...

The room with the balconies is the one we sneaked in to and took photos in. The lighting wasn't the best, obviously... but I think it sort of makes the photos look a little creepy in a good way! I hope you enjoy! x
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  1. Lovely pictures, a really beautiful setting


  2. Looks like an amazing evening! I love your dress, such a great color on you.

    Make sure to check the five bloggers page!!


  3. These pictures are absolutely breathtaking! Good to see that you had an excellent time with your father <3


  4. Please don't ever cut your hair. It looks so amazing like this, you seriously suit it short!!

  5. these are the prettiest pics of you! i love those leggings!

    <3 steffy
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  6. im loving that amazing gem green and the cardigan is wonderfully draped

  7. What fabulous photos!! Really awesome. I love that you and your dad snuck into one of the ballrooms.

  8. I totally love your blog! its amazing, hun!


  9. Holy crap, Elanor, you look SO stunning in these photos! Your dad did an incredible job. Gorgeous, classy outfit on an equally beautiful and sophisticated lady :D

  10. Beautiful outfit!!! Totally love your dress and your cardigan, looks awsome!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  11. the photos are amazing! and your outfit is so pretty. love those leggings! Les Miserables is one of my favourite stories! xx


  12. That place looks really pretty. Your dress is amazing.

  13. Sounds like a really fun day, your outfit for Le Mis is so pretty! How awesome that your Dad is willing to help with your outfit pics-- he did a great job too!

  14. oh, my God! This is beautiful! It looks very old Hollywood, or wait, no. I mean, it looks so amazing! Vintage scenario! And you got to see Les Miserables! WOW!! I'm out of words! So cool!

  15. What a lovely outfit! It's so sophisticated and classy!! <3

    And that room is gorgeous!! So worth having to sneak in!! I want to stay in a hotel like that sometime!!

    Great post! I can't wait to see more!


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