Flecks of Color

dress: target, shoes & necklace: my mom's, tote: a gift
Yay! My camera man returned. :) Now I'm back to being spoiled and not having to use a tripod! (for now...!) Anyway, these photos are from yesterday when I spent the afternoon with Nathaniel. We didn't do much... just spent time talking and being in each other's company. Which is always a pleasure. When you're not out and about with your significant other, what do you do? Nat and I have been playing video games lately! Silly, I know. ;)

My friend Miranda painted this canvas bag for me for my birthday a few years ago and I finally decided it needed a spot on my blog! I've been craving using a simple canvas tote to hold my miscellaneous things like I've seen many bloggers doing this summer, but I don't have one! And I guess that is fine, because this bag is beautiful and made especially for me! :) Plus, the gold on it matches the gold flecks in my dress perfectly.

I kept it relatively simple with this outfit - just a dress, shoes, and minimal accessories. It's been pretty darn hot lately! Iced tea has been on the menu every day. It's really been all I can manage to just wear a loose dress. Oh! And before I forget... I think Nat and I have found the perfect time to take photos! I am so happy with the quality of these and it was around 7:45 ish that we took them. A plus to taking photos at this hour is that it isn't hot anymore like in the day time, but, it isn't yet freezing like the normal Northern California nights. Anyway... Have a great Saturday! xx
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  1. It's so awesome that your friend painted that tote for you! It's perfect for the summer because you can keep all of your day-to-day goodies safely stored. And loving the dress as well! Sometimes the best days are doing absolutely nothing with your significant other. Video games are always a plus. Xx

  2. i LOVE that tote bag! awsome blog!

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  3. I actually love doing nothing together!! So nice to just enjoy the company.

  4. lovely photos. i definitely think you found a solid 'magic hour'. and i love lazy days full of chatting & video games! they're kinda the greatest ;)

  5. Awwww how lovely of your friend to put that much effort into making that bag for you! Its so lovely!

  6. I think the dress, the bag, the pictures and you all look absolutely positively stunning, you have such a cute face! Your friend should sell bags like those because she's got some mad skills and I'd totally buy!

  7. beautiful photos, you have the most gorgeous skin

  8. nice pictures! I like your bag so much! It's so stylish 8)

  9. These photos are so gorgeous!! Your bag is just simply WOW and I adore your dress, very cute and summer :)

  10. yay for having your camera back! i loveeee that tote, what a fab gift!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  11. beautiful photos & outfit :)
    love love your style !!

    your newest follower Michelle

  12. Where are those awesome action shots?? The ones where you look like a lunatic?! LoL!! love you - you always look darling! xoxo

  13. Wow, beautiful dress, you look cute :)))

    LOVE from Germany

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  14. I'm in awe that someone actually painted that tote so beautifully... Your friend is oh-so talented!

    I wanted to thank you ever so much for the sweet little note you left on my blog... I just adore your blog and you so very much!

  15. This outfit is so beautiful!! I have just discovered your Blog and I love your style!!

    Jess x

    Ps. I also have been listening to Beirut recently, is it strange that I have only just discovered how amazing they are?!

  16. That's a lovely dress and bag! <3 I love the car detail - I'm a sucker for vintage cars. ;-D

    I wish I had a camera man! That sounds so much easier (and much less stupid looking) than a tri-pod!


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