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skirt, belt, & backpack: goodwill, wedges: target, shirt: zara
And we are back to the good ol' days of Elanor and The Tripod. Yes, we had temporarily broken up, as I had found a lovely boy named Nathaniel who could work a camera beautifully... But alas, as the story goes, Nathaniel is not always hiding in the closet (hmm... disregard the strangeness of that statement...) ready to be used for Elanor's precious outfit shots... So, The Tripod reappears. No, no, not for good. I think Nat will be back and available, like, tomorrow. ;)

Heh. Anyway, enough silliness...Onto the serious business! As serious as outfit shots go... This is what I wore to my workish thing today! I've been doing miscellaneous office work for a marketing business to make some extra money this summer...! Hopefully I'll be working twice a week for the rest of the summer. (Not that it's exciting or that I enjoy it or anything... I just like the money but don't want an actual job.)

Having to take these photos myself again (I haven't used my triod since... this post! A little more than a month ago! Gasp!), it makes me realize how thankful I am that I have people in my life who support my blog and who are willing to help me out. A special thanks goes out to my lovely mother and father... but especially my boyfriend, who has been awesome in regards to my blog and my photos and outfits and shopping...heheh... Well and everything else! So thank you Nat. ♥♥

It's Friday tomorrow! Here's to a beautiful weekend! x
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  1. I love this look~ and am kicking myself for not getting those wedges. Lovely.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  2. I also appreciate my lovely boy who ever so nicely snaps photos for me. But a tripod will have to do sometimes! Looking as lovely as ever. I am LOVING that skirt lady. And pairing it with the graphic tee is definitely a wonderful little touch! xx

  3. You look so stunning! I adore the skirt, just wonderful. I feel ya, I always have my boy around to take my photos, but I'm sure one day I'm gonna need to whip out the tripod.


  4. you pull that maxi skirt of perfectly and you do an amazing job with the tri pod lady. I was just wondering what camera you use? Your photographs are always amazing and i'm hoping to get something a little better in the next few weeks

  5. I like this style also and your photos are very beautiful.

  6. Life would be so much easier if boyfriends would just hide in closets waiting for their women. It would be so much more convenient for outfit shots! Maybe all Nathaniel needs is a little convincing :D

    Ps - Love your skirt and shoes!

  7. your ring is SO amazing, i love it!

    <3 steffy
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  8. using the tripod after being spoiled by an actual person taking your shots is hard but you scored some beauties. love the skirt, the length is perfect for you.

  9. I've learned the hard way this week, that I must learn how to take decent photos using a tripod..as my lovely boy as been away. It's nice to be spoiled though, right? Anyways, you look stunning...something about that coral tee mixed with the black and white print of your skirt is just so striking. Gorgeous photos Elanor. Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Love the top and that beautiful skirt:) I'm so spoiled to have people take my pictures. I have a tri-pod but meh, I just don't ever get motivated to fool around with it. I think you did a tremendous job of taking your own photos! You look like a model by the way:)

  11. You t-shirt is absolutely adorable, great photos too! -^_^-


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