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button up: Gap vintage, thrifted, shirt: costco, hat: target, belt: goodwill, purse: vintage, flea market, boots: vintage
So, I'm not entirely sure if you readers prefer to just see photos of outfits I wear, or if you actually care to see things I do the days I wear the said outfits... But, seeing as this is first and foremost a blog about my life, and style as it is incorporated into my life, I enjoy showing both as often as I can. Personally, in fact, I prefer posts where I had done something fun & I took photos of what I had done and of my outfit that day. Which is like this post. Either way, I hope you enjoy what you read and see. :)

Something that I haven't mentioned about summer that I enjoy, is the fact that I get to write more in my blog. I feel as though because it's more relaxed, I can ramble and just use this space on the internet for what I made it for, my thoughts and musings and photos and whatever. On a completely separate note, another thing I love about summer is free events...!

For example, yesterday Nat and I went into San Francisco for a small music fest, Phono del Sol. Though getting there turned out to be a... toiling experience (driving in SF = getting lost), we made it in time to see Mirah and Aesop Rock. It was a fun show and nice weather. The second free event we went to was a drive-in movie in Hamilton. This was exciting because I haven't been to a drive-in in a long time! We saw this weird sci-fi named called Serenity. A lovely day in the end. :) How was your weekend? Have a relaxing Sunday, dears! x
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  1. I enjoy seeing the outfit in action, persay, to give the outfit something in addition to its original marvelousness. that jacket is so so cool, the hat and colour palette are perfect.


  2. i just like seeing you..so either way is good for me! haha.. :P
    you look so beautiful. i love the first picture.
    plus, i really want that adorable dog.
    have a wonderful upcoming week love.

  3. great photos..love the vintage look..all these reminds me constantly how i need to get a better camera so that i can venture outdoors to take photos

  4. These are fantastic posts!!! I love seeing what people do in their day to day lives as well. I commend you on photographing these events, since normally when I go out to do stuff and bring my camera I always forget to take the photos. Sigh.

  5. Amazingggg post! you are sooo beautiful!!
    following your blog & i would really appreciate it if you could check out minee please x

  6. As much fun as it is to see girls with great styles, I always come back to the blogs for the reading! I would say 90% of the blogs I sub to you (yours included) are because I care for your everyday adventures. As I see it, you post pictures because it can help you remember that day without any words needed.

    This looks like such a fun way to spend the day! There are often outdoor concerts in my area, but I'm never up for braving the heat just to see a band I may or may not like. It usually ends up being music for 40yo+ and an excuse to get drunk. Not my idea of fun!

    By the way, that last picture is amazing. There is nothing like an impending Summer storm! They're almost... magical. :)

  7. Lovin' the pictures! I think your bag is amazing. Been hunting down for a bag like that but still no luck. :) xx


  8. Such a fan of your bag! I used to have one similar and lost it, so sad.

  9. I feel the same predicament sometimes, when I post a lot of pictures of all sorts of things, and I only get a handful of comments vs when I get a buttload for something that I think is boring or nothing special...and then I have to remember, um, duh, this is my documentation of my life and making my decisions based on others' (strangers') feedback is s.i.l.l.y.

    looks like such a fun weekend!!

  10. Your style is freakin awesome. As is your hair!

  11. Squee! These pictures are gorgeous. Thanks so much for your comment! Now I'm new to your blog too and also loving yours!! I even went through your archives a little bit. :S Hehehhe.

    Let me just say that: I love your hair, I love your hat, I love your lipstick color, and I love your outfit. So excited for your next posts. And I agree with Gee: I think I just like seeing you, so either version of a post is fine with me! I've fallen into the rut of just posting outfits, but that's because I don't really do anything worth posting about...oops!

    P.S. My bag is from the Fossil vintage collection. I couldn't find a place to buy it online, but you might be able to Google it and come up with something! It comes in black and a lighter brown too I think.

  12. I love your look! And what an amazing pictures too! Love your lipstick color, and the hat is very cute too :)

    loves London

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  13. These are so awesome!! Saw this look on chictopia and I just had to click through your blog to find out more about this. La-la-la-love your vintage bag. Gotta adore tooled leather. And oh man, your shirt was from Costco? How random, but that's so totally cool! Just goes to show that we don't need high-end designers to dress chic! :) Glad you had a fun at the music concert.


  14. Love your hat, it looks great on you!


  15. i love seeing a little of both, just like in this post! what a cute doggy, and i love the colors of your jacket!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  16. my room mate played at that festival with Mirah. I was so close to going but was feeling under the weather. I heard it was amazing. AHHH I so wish i'd sucked it up and headed out there.
    p.s. love that patch work cord shirt. deeevine

  17. Thanks for stopping by on my blog! I love your outfit and the red lipstick so cute! also your hair rocks as well ^.^
    Hope your having a great day!

  18. love your day to day!

    and your style. lipstick. hair. cute little face.

    it's all really fun!

  19. this looks like so much fun! Nat seems like a nice guy for taking you to all these rad places :) and that outfit you're wearing is FABULOUS!


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