Big Band

dress: borrowed, heels & handbag: goodwill, jewelry: my mom's
This weekend has went by way too quickly! Tomorrow is Monday... Luckily it's Halloween so it's gotta be better than a normal Monday! Yesterday night was the Big Band Dance at my highschool, like I mentioned in my last post, and here are the promised photos! Nathaniel and I matched on accident, actually. But I like it! I think we look snazzy together. :)

I borrowed my friend Jessica's dress because I thought I didn't have anything really suited for this 30s-40s swing style that I wanted to embody. Overall I quite like it for an outfit to wear to a dance! Not complicated or anything, but does an outfit always have to be complicated?
The dance was really fun! I'm a really awkward person and find it hard to let go and relax and just go crazy and dance... but I think I did a bit better this year than in the past, haha. Nat was a lovely partner. ♥ Neither of us are amazing at dancing... but that's what made it fun! Unfortunately Nat is in the top level jazz band, so he had to leave to perform for basically the second half of the dance. :( But I still had fun dancing with my girlfriends.

Anyway, tomorrow is Halloween...! So I'll be dressing up and such... I'm not sure if I'm going trick-or-treating for one last year... but whatever I do, I better be having fun and eating lots of candy! (not that I need it...haha... OH WELL!) x
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  1. You look perfect here! And I'm sure you get this all the time, but you and your boy are cute him with his long hair and you with your short hair.

    <3 Rachel

  2. aww you and nat look so cute together! it sounds like you had an amazing night. i think you totally embodied the 30-40s swing! haha i wish i could go trick or treating, in my town they just say "you're too old, leave the candy to the kids!!" lol. it was so embarrassing when i went back in 2008 and every house we went to said that. it still made it memorable though. lol!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  3. too cute! too cute! you two look so classy:)

  4. :( the weekends always pass to fast! love your polka dots!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. you two are absolutely adorable and you do look ready for a swell party! :D

  6. you too look amazing together!!! I like the polkadots on your dress.

    All kinds of people take my photo, this last post Ethan (my boyfriend) did. He does so well at taking the arty shots. It's all about the lighting lady. You gota hit it at the magic hour.

    Have fun tonight!!!}xx

  7. beautiful dress and pretty purse

  8. Daw' what a beautiful looking couple you and Nat made for the dance! You look supurb in this little polka dress and red lipstick.. Straight out of the 40's if I do say so myself!

  9. you look so adorable together! Love that dress - did Jess thrift it I wonder?? xoxo

  10. What a dreamy dress! <3 I love the polkadots, and as always; I am so envious of your cropped hair! P.s. You two make such a darling couple!

    Lost in the Haze

  11. Wow, a Big Band Dance, huh? That sounds pretty sweet. Never knew such a thing existed in modern day high schools. Do the kids who go really dress the era and or dance accordingly? Wish we had one here at my school!

    P.S. That second to last picture of you to is the sweetest.. :)

  12. You look so elegant Elanor! I love the sound of a swing dance... they're so much fun. : )

  13. Ooh! I love jazz music! <3 I got to go to a jazz night at my cousins church a few years ago and it was so much fun! When I get a boy friend I so want to take swing dancing lessons with him. I've always thought it looks like so much fun!


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