Forest Green

dress & belt: goodwill, cardigan & flats: thrifted, tights: target
Happy very late Friday night...:) Technically it will be Saturday morning in 20 minutes...Oh well! I just wanted to post right now, and luckily for you and me - I had these photos ready from this past Wednesday! It has in fact cooled down from the 80 degree weather, and now it's lingering in the 70s. So tights can be utilized! Very thrilled about this... See exhibit A: my new forest green tights! They will be put to great use.

Though my mom hemmed this dress for me just a wee bit short, I still love this thing! The collar is so lovely and I can wear it with many colored tights or cardigans because of it being black and white.
Is everyone thoroughly pumped for Halloween? Nat and I are dressing up in a sort of pair outfit. :) I'm actually quite excited! I've borrowed a bunch of stuff from friends, so it looks like I won't even have to spend a lot of money! Everything is coming together nicely. Tomorrow Nat and I are going to go thrifting for parts of his outfit and some accessories.

ALSOOO, tomorrow night is the Big Band Dance at my high school! Best dance of the year, by far. It's a night full of swing and jazz. I'll be taking photos of my outfit, so don'tchu worry...! Anyway, I'm off! Have a great weekend-before-Halloween! x
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  1. Great little plaid dress, it looks perfect, specially with those colour tights. I just love tights weather!

  2. Cute dress! You always seem to find the nicest things whilst thrifting. And your Halloween outfit sounds fun!
    Kelly xo

  3. What a doll of a dress! I love the sweet collar on it, as well :)

    I'm so excited you see your's and Nat's Halloweeen costumes! I know you both will look fantastic.

    ...And have a 'ball' at the Big Band Dance tonight! I'm sure you'll look stunning <3

  4. I love gingham! Massive fan. You look lovely!

  5. your dress is AWESOME! And your haircut is very lovely...frames your face very well.

    -Please visit/follow my blog ?


  6. Love this look my dear! I 'm glad you enjoyed your trip : )

  7. cute outfit! Really like your tights & cardigan...

  8. That big band dance party sounds so fun! And I can't wait to see what you and Nat are being for Halloween! Also, that dress is so cute :)

  9. Ooh that is a lovely dress! The black and white checks are so sweet, and it looks great with your green tights!

    I hope you had a lovely Halloween! <3


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