Spokane, 10/18

blouse: vintage, skirt: goodwill, sweater: my mom's, boots: vintage, tights: target, purse: ross
SO...day two of my college touring trip... We found ourselves in Spokane, Washington! And my, was the weather different there! It was quite chilly. We toured Gonzaga and Whitworth on Tuesday and while I did like both schools, I can't see myself living in Spokane. I am the kind of person who doesn't just want to stick on a campus and never explore. While I can see myself exploring the music, thrifting, and social scenes of Seattle, Tacoma and Portland... I just couldn't see it in Spokane.

It may seem like a stupid reason to not choose a school, but it matters to me... Anyway driving to Spokane was horrible! Haha, we drove there Monday night and it took soo long. Road construction turning 4 lanes to 1... It was just bad. Luckily my mom and I amused ourselves with Dane Cook and Adele.
Quite a few photos from Gonzaga! It had a beautiful campus - so did Whitworth. I love the old, traditional architecture of some of these universities. So much time, thought, and detail went into buildings and molds and such... Also, Gonzaga was of Jesuit background, so on campus they had this beautiful chapel! It was pretty amazing.

I wore my awesome new purple tights this day, but you can't really see the full extent of the purpleness in these photos! How sad. Oh well :) Too bad for you. Next time... which probably won't be for a while...since stupid northern California is hot still....aksdhgkakjdg;ahe I want to go back to the crisp air and the green, yellow, orange, and reds of autumn in the pacific northwest...... xx

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  1. I think I've said this before on your blog, but you have the most perfect hair cut of all time!

  2. You look ever so lovely on your college tours. And the campus is just lovely! It does look like it would be quite a wonderful collegiate experience if you went there. And yes, send me your personal statement! I would be more than happy to give you feedback. xx

  3. I so love big campuses, I am sorry I don't live somewhere else, I would've loved such a experience. :D The cardigan is so lovely!

  4. I'd give anything for a place where I can go bare legged deep into "winter". I guess I've spent too many Canadian winters involving snow banks taller than I am hah.

    I actually think your choosing your university by how you like the town a good thing. While the point of being there is to get an education, you will be much happier and healthier in a city that suits you. Somewhere you can explore, live, build friendships and memories and experiences.

    As much as I like my city now, when I moved here for college it was really not the greatest place for me. I went from tiny town to big city and I spent my 2 years in college barely leaving my home or the campus hah.

  5. sounds like a nice trip:) you look super lovely, and how nice to have a fun time with your mom! cute cute skirt:)

  6. You and your mom are so cute:) I understand what you're saying about finding a place where you know the surrounding areas are of interest to you. Being stuck on campus 24/7 isn't too fun.

  7. honestly, wish i had the confidence to cut my hair like yours. stunning, honestly!:) <3

  8. Ooh! I love your cardigan! <3

    I know what you mean about having places to explore. There is absolutely nothing of interest to me to explore where I live and I hate it. :-P I so want to move out West... And I'm so jealous of you getting to visit Tacoma! Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky raves about it and I'm dying to vist there sometime. Is it as nice as she says? O.o

  9. I am a new follower and I loved reading about your college search!! I am looking for a small Christian school in the Oregon/Washington area as well, so it was very cool to be able to read your thoughts on various schools that I have researched. I am excited to read up on your experiences at SPU in the future...and maybe in two years (after community college) I will join you there! ;) Also, I love your blog and I love your hair! <3



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