A Half a Year & a Pumpkin Patch ♥

dress, purse, & belt: goodwill, shoes: thrifted, necklace: a handmade gift!
Happy Tuesday! So beware, this post is VURRYY heavy on photos. I just had a fantastic day on Sunday, and a lot of brilliant photos were the result. Nat and I celebrated half a year together as a couple by going to a pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins! I haven't picked and carved pumpkins since I was way little, and my family doesn't do it now... so as you can imagine, I was excited! Last fall I was sad that I didn't do any typical festive things during the fall and winter months, so I'm so happy that Nat wanted to do this with me this year!
We went to this big, amazing pumpkin path in Petaluma where there were fields of flowers, pumpkins, corn, animal pins, and of course, some food booths and games for kids. Imagine my glee! Bahaha. So we found 4 pumpkins - big, medium, small, and tiny! They gave us the tiny one for free. :3 I'm pretty sure it's technical name is some sort of gourd... but that's besides the point! It's adorableee.

For this occasion, I wore this pretty flowy dress, thinking that the longer sleeves would be appropriate for fall weather... but wait - WHAT fall weather!? It was 80 degrees out! By golly, I'm demanding fall! Bleh. It looks like it it will be in the 70s this week though...So that's a bit better.
While I thought picking pumpkins and carving would alone be nice for our 6 month, Nat surprised me that evening with taking me to his house and making me dinner! I was kinda speechless! It was really sweet and a very lovely time. :) Dinner followed up with the carving of the big pumpkin, which was AWESOME! I'm rather proud of our end result. The expression was of our very own creation! It was a perfect addition to an already great day.

I hope you semi enjoyed my huge amount of photos and my long ramble... I know I did...! It was too special not to record in extreme detail. ;) Talk to you all soon! x
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  1. Look like you have a fun day.:)
    Nice floral dress.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate 6 months!

  3. You're adorable. LOVE your sunglasses, and your winking, heart nosed jack-o-lantern I hope that you roasted & ate some pumpkin seeds too.

  4. yay for 6 months and yay for pumpkin patches. You look so pretty and happy in all these pictures :) Sounds like an awesome day

  5. Happy Mensiversary! My boyfriend and I celebrate every month, the day we got together.... sometimes its something simple such as just saying "Happy Mensiversary" (which is a month-anniversary!) or sometimes we exchange gifts :)

    You are so beautiful and the pumpkin patch looks amazing! I love anything with a petting zoo, and your bone (?) jewelry is awesome!

    And your pumpkin design is so kooky cute! Love the nose <33

  6. Happy 6 month anniversary! You both look wonderful. I love you in that pretty floral dress. I've just got to get myself to a pumpkin patch before all the fun is over.

  7. Sweet! Glad you two had a wonderful day celebrating - Nat has beautiful eyes - did ja notice?? :D xoxo

  8. happy 6 months! this looks like the perfect date!

    <3 steffy
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  9. Awwwwww, you two are so adorable! Happy 6 months! It sounds like you had a wonderful day! Pumpkins are one of my favorite things about fall, though I haven't carved my pumpkin yet! Also, that tiny pumpkin. SO CUTE.

  10. That is so lovely! I love the photos, very sweet and natural :D

  11. Aw! Sounds like a lovely day! I adore your dress and make up (really that dress is too pretty and your make up suites you so well!) and that pumpkin is adorable! <3

    Also, I loved your ramble + all the pictures. It's fun to see what a nice day you had! :D


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