Happy Monday! Here are a few tunes for you this morning... I hope you enjoy! I threw in some dubstep for my mom. She's all into that these days... that and house music! Silly kids. Hehe. ;) xx


  1. Very excited about giving this mixtape some airplay as I already love half of the artists so chances are I'm going to love the other half also :)

  2. Ha your mom and mine must listen to the same stations, she just can't get enough "crazy raver kid music" ;).

    :E redheelswalking

  3. thanks for these! it's always fun to see what other people like listening to, and the 'mix tape' format makes a fun high school friend feeling.

    thanks for your kind words:) I gathered some gravel to line the bottom of each bowl to provide drainage, put a little layer of soil on top of that and then pressed the moss into place and mist it with a spray bottle every morning. super simple:)

  4. What a fantastic music mix. I already have several of these on my play list... but a few that I must add el pronto -such as: Dull Life. Absolutely love that track!! Hope your day is fantastic. xo veronika


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