Muir Beach Bonfire!

Here are a few photos from the bonfire on Muir Beach that I went to on Saturday (though of course I failed to take any decent photos of the bonfire!) It was fun for the most part, save for a couple small incidents that I will not mention on this public blog... But by the end of the evening I was having lots of fun! I hope my friend Tegan had a grrreaat birthday! She's my only other friend who is also 18, so we're gunna go clubbing or somethin'. ;)

I hope everyone's weekend was superb! It got sunny and warm over the weekend (not on the beach of course though, haha) but yesterday it was raining! Oh nor cal, make up your mind! Apparently it's going to be 86 by Thursday... not too happy about that. I'm ready for fall weather and more rain! Well, anyway, remember to enter my GIVEAWAY, loves! & have a nice Tuesday! xx
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  1. The light in these photos is so incredible! Hope you had a fantastic time! I've always wanted to do a beach-side bonfire. I've only ever seen them on tv.


  2. Beautiful photos, you look so cute!

  3. i love your pretty lace collar and you and your guy are so cute!!

    <3 steffy

  4. oh my, these photos are SO lovely. And I'm smitten with your gorgeous & laid back outfit, + that lace collar is adorable!! Happy almost weekend. xo veronika

  5. Lovely pictures! I love your necklace. <3

    I love rainy weather, too! It's so pretty and relaxing. The only downside is I'm not sure how to get pictures in it... I'm always terrified that my camera will get ruined!

    None of my friends are my age either, come to think of it... no, I have one friend is my age, but that is it. All the rest of my friends are older than me.


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