Halloween anyone?

Sooo, here is the promised late Halloween post! To my displeasure, the boy and I didn't get extremely fantastic photos of both of our costumes like I had wished... But I'm long over it (seeing as Halloween was a while ago at this point...) and, at least I have these ones! Unfortunately you can't see Nat's outfit cuz we ran out of daylight far too quickly. Ah the fall/winter... I'm already not liking the shorter days! I don't know who actually does though..Other than Nat; for some reason he likes it... weird kid.

Anyway, we dressed STEAMPUNK! I love the steampunk style so much... I kind of think I'm going to attempt steampunk again in the future; hopefully more prepared next time though. This year we started our costumes the Friday before Halloween. Luckily I have awesome friends whose clothes I borrowed almost completely!

Before I skedaddle - guess whose computer has a virus? Yep, mine does. So while my brother is fixing it (thanks Will!) I won't be as active reading and commenting... So please pardon that. :( It's probably for the better, because I think I need to start being on the computer far less and unplug for a bit. Starting...now! xx
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  1. outfit = gorgeous. I love your vintage style (:

  2. Like elegant, everyday steampunk! I love it!

    Good luck with your computer, dear! <3

  3. I love your hair so much! I have a pixie cut, too, and would love to learn how you styled it like that!

  4. I love this for an out there look. I'd probably only wear it on Halloween too. I love your hair here!

    <3 Rachel

  5. Cool costumes!! My big sister loves steampunk and got me started on it, too! You look great. :D

  6. hot damn! Dressing steam punk sounds super fun...and clearly looks awesome.

  7. oh my gosh how AWESOME did you look for halloween!!? i love your costume the best so far out of everyone's that i have seen :). you rocked it girl!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  8. Your hair looks beautiful like that. I love the detailing and layers to this outfit.


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