Only Love Is All Maroon

skirt: swap, from mousevox vintage, top: gap, cardigan: mom's, belt & heels: goodwill, purse: thrifted, tights: UO
As I listen to "Flume" by Bon Iver, I recall an old friend of mine telling me that he thought the man behind Bon Iver, Justin Vernon, writes lyrics that don't exactly make sense at all - that just sound good with the music and melody. I find this funny and ironic as I now listen to this song. I actually have fallen in love with Bon Iver and the romantic, tender feeling of his music. It's lovely for late nights, with the rain falling softly outside. Which is what I'm doing now.

I spent the afternoon and evening with Nathaniel and we took these photos before the rain came... luckily I got some photos of this skirt, finally. It is part of the Secondhand Swap that I mentioned a bit ago - started by Lily of Love Charles Vintage. This skirt was sent to me along with this top from Rachel of Mousevox, who is also part of the swap. It's about time I send both pieces onto the next girl! It's been a bit too long, haha.
We browsed Goodwill for a bit, then got some pizza and spent the remainder of the night playing Sly Cooper, a pretty awesome PS2 game about a thieving raccoon. A crazy evening if you ask me. ;) We sure know how to party on a Saturday night!

It's about time for me to sleep; I apologize for this going out so late at night! I've really been wanting to blog more, but succumbing to the use of a tripod with no remote has become frustrating and not as fun as asking my boyfriend to do it... and of course, he's not always around. So, hopefully I'm going to find more things that I want to blog about, and that requires putting some thought into it and going out of the norm. Sometimes I have a hard time changing a routine. We'll see, we'll see. Have a beautiful night! xxx
currently listening to... Bon Iver - Flume


  1. Your photos are so beating! I love everything about this outfit especially the lovely lighting and the dreamy autumn feel. Gorgeous post!

  2. You always look so beautiful! Great shots :-)

  3. So cute look! I love these photos, very pretty ^^

    xx indie by heart

  4. Just beautiful as always Miss. Elanor! I especially love your maroon tights...I've been searching for a pair like them, as well!

  5. beautiful floral skirt and gorgeous shoes, adore the jewelery as well

  6. My boyfriend told me the same about the way Bon Iver writes his songs. I really found that funny! But the truth is that Bon Iver has the most beautiful songs ever :)

    I really liked your skirt too! The Autumn feeling is really adorable!

  7. Your skirt is so gorgeous, the colors are so perfect and I love anything floral! Beautiful ring too! Just great look all together :)
    I'm a fan of Bon Iver as well, beautiful music definitely.


  8. Your skirt is beautiful and I love the top and tights you paired with it. So elegant. Your hair is insanely beautiful. Oh blogger swaps are the best!

  9. that skirt print is so lovely!
    i love bon iver. i got to see him a couple years ago in oakland at the fox theater, and it was amazing. he commanded the entire audience to shut up, and they did (a rare thing) and got us all to sing along to wolves.

  10. your photography is always top notch, and I LOVE that you love videogames. I'm a total lover of games myself :)

  11. This has to be the epitome of a perfect fall outfit. I love the brown booties with the maroon tights, plus that awesome skirt! Sad to hear its not yours for keeps:)

  12. You look gorgeous, I adore your cardigan - so cute! A perfect autumn look <3

  13. I love Bon Iver! I actually waited till Fall to listen to their latest album, because Bon Iver = Autumn :p

    Lovely outfit, dear!

  14. i love this outfit-it's most likely my favorite!!


  15. love that sweater with the skirt! so cute! great fall setting...the leaves are beautiful xoxo

  16. justin vernon has the best voice... ever. something about him just puts me in this calm trance. <3

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  17. Very nice look!
    Love your haircut.

    Sara Ottavia C.

  18. this is so pretty! and you are so right about bon iver being perfect for romantic, rainy nights...



  19. oooh, it looks so cute on you! i love how you styled both pieces. xo.


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