Yes, it's that time again! A recap post of my favorite outfits of each month of 2011. You can find my 2010 list HERE. For my blog, 2011 was a fantastic year. Missing Lovebirds has grown so much and for that I'm incredibly grateful - as well as excited for 2012! This post will be reserved for favorite outfits, but I think I will post again on simply the general events that happened in '11 for my blog as well as for me. Enjoy! ♥ & Let me know your favorites as well!
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  1. Love the way you mix feminine pieces with leather jackets and tie-front shirts! :)

  2. Nice picks! It's been a good year of blogging : )

  3. i think June is my fave. I just love that skirt.

  4. Your style looks lovely and it's nice to see the outfits from a full year!

  5. Super pretty! I love your style, and your pixie cut!

  6. I think November is my favorite. I am a sucker for floral in the winter.

    Also the hair color looks great on you!!

    <3 Rachel

  7. I think September is my favorite! But I love all of your outfits :-) And the auburn hair is such a wonderful color. Happy New Year!


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