Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Here's my final post of 2011, ladies and gents! These are photos from yesterday when Nathaniel and I went on a little date out to Panera for dinner, and then to see The Artist - a 2011 black and white silent film. I highly recommend it! We had a lovely time, but geez this break is flying by way too quickly...I go back to school this Wednesday!

I'm going to conclude this post with a list of events that happened in 2011 that were significant...

January // Broke up with my boyfriend of over a year; had the blog's first ever giveaway, started an internship at a fashion & accessory boutique.
February // Attended a Battle of the Bands with my friend Jessica, as well as with Nat before we started dating...! ♥ ; had a lonely Valentine's Day (haha!) ; explored a graveyard and went to the beach with friends; Google scared the crap out of me by resetting accounts.
March // Got a 75/75 on the first draft of my huge Junior Research paper (!!) ; saw Rango with Nat, hehe...♥ ; my band began recording one of our original songs; ML hit 200 followers; my computer's hard drive died and I lost all of my stuff... :(
April // Went to the Alameda Flea Market for the second time, spent the evening at Nat's house watching The Shining (perfect scary movie to watch with a girl that you secretly like, right? ;) hehe) ; went down to SoCal for a week to tour colleges; went with Nat on our first hike - his first appearance on my blog! ; got a 248/250 on my final draft of my Junior Research Paper!; And of course... Started dating Nat. ♥♥
May // Explored Japan Town in SF with Nat; performed in my last rockband concert of the year; ML hit 300 followers; Nat came to church with my family and we ate Sol Food! Yum!
June // Fairfax Fest with Nat and his friend Alex; finished up my junior year and sailed the bay with my friends! ; went on a weekend trip with my dad to LA to see Les Miserables ; went to DCI with the fam & Nat!
July // Celebrated July 4th at the county fair; saw HP Deathly Hallows part 2 midnight showing with friends! ; Aesop Rock & Mirah outdoor concert in SF with Nat; met up with Nicole of Coco Maria - first blogger meetup!
August // Saw a production of West Side Story with my mom; found some lovely stuff at the flea market, got over my fear of wearing shorts; first day of my senior year of highschool! ; ML hit 400 followers, first Mixtape Monday post! ;
September // Had a great day with my mom at the Alameda Flea Market; celebrated my 18th birthday! ; fall goals post; posted about Nat's film photos.
October // Panera Date with Nat; giveaway #2! ; went to SF with Nat for the Vintage flea market where I met fellow SF bloggers! ; Muir beach bonfire! ; went away on my pacific northwest college tour with my mom; celebrated 6 months with my love at a pumpkin patch; went to the annual Big Band Dance with Nat; dressed up Steampunk for Halloween.
November // Styled a piece from the Secondhand Swap that I'm a part of; hiked with Nat & took pretty photos; spent Thanksgiving with Nat's family; saw Puss in Boots with Nat - so cute!
December // Got our Christmas tree! ; put up some beautiful Christmas decorations! ; suffered through Finals Week at school; posted about Winters Past; dyed my hair auburn! ; spent a lovely Christmas with my family and Nat. ♥

Well... 2012 is going to be a big year. I will graduate from high school and start college in the fall. A new chapter of my life is going to unfold... I'm terrified and excited! Want to join me for the adventure? I truly love you all and thank you so much for being a part of Missing Lovebirds! See you in 2012! xx
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  1. What a great year! I wish you the best new year possible! I've loved getting to read your blog, especially since we're in the same area...Do you know that I have never been to the Alameda Flea Market thing, but I literally live only a few miles from where it's held? haha! I'm so going the next time it comes around. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Happy new year! and goodluck with the whole college life thingy next year! ♥ xx

  3. Wow, so much happens in just a year. It amazes me.

    I can't wait for the surprises and adventures 2012 holds for you! Happy New Year!

    Maria Elyse
    First Impressions
    Flying Ships Vintage

    P.S. I go back to school on Tuesday. Blehhh. :P

  4. college will be amazing!
    so excited for you and your new adventures. :)
    have a wonderful and safe new year, elanor.

  5. You've had a full year! I've loved seeing your blog grow!


  6. Goodness, such a lovely and eventful year you've had! I wish you (and Nat!) a lovely New Year and 2012, as well sweet lady! ❤

  7. Your blog changed so much in a year! It just became better every single day! I really enjoyed reading it and I am happy that I got to meet you via blogging :)


  8. busy year! full of fun (mostly!) only two photos on this post - I want a better pic of those adorable shoes! xoxoox

  9. happy new year! love the red wine color of your blazer!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  10. You are so classically beautiful in all of your pictures, for real. And the way you pull off lipstick so well... eep! Perfect.

    It sounds like you had quite the eventful year! It's always nice to look back on what you did through the year... makes you feel like you did a lot more than you thought, eh? :)

  11. This is such a great outfit! You're super pretty!

    xo Jennifer



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