Keepin' Warm

jumper: wasteland, blouse, sweater, & wedges: thrifted, coat: calvin klein, costco, purse: ross
Of course as I'm typing this I'm listening to A Very She and Him Christmas, which is putting me right in the holiday mood. ♥ Though when I do hear these classic tunes, I can't help but long for a white Christmas... It's been years since I've lived somewhere where it snows, but I still have a small part of me that can't see a proper Christmas without it! Every time I visit the blog of Maria Elyse of First Impressions I feel that longing for snow. Her photos (not to mentions outfits!) are beautiful.

Enough about snow! These photos have no snow in them, as you probably can see. ;) It's definitely getting chillier around here. I'm wearing three layers on top in this outfit, but alas, while taking these photos my toes and fingers were so very numb! Luckily throughout most of the day I was decently warm.

A college update: if you follow me on twitter you know this, but I received my first college acceptance yesterday! I've been accepted into George Fox University. :) And want to know something else that happened? The director of communications at Fox emailed me today saying that he saw my post on twitter about being accepted to the school, and he said that if I decide to enroll, there could already be a possible student job for me in the marketing communications office because of my knowledge of blogging and social media. Isn't that crazy and interesting?! Talk to you soon! Tomorrow's Friday! xx
currently listening to... She and Him - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


  1. You look mighty pretty!!! I love the cute cream sweater with the peek-a-boo collar.

  2. nice looking wreath! love your sweater - thank you Salem, OR!! Congrats re: George Fox Univ.!! We are PROUD to have such a smart and lovely daughter! xoxo

  3. keeping warm and keeping cute! I love those wedges paired with those tights.

    That sweater is to die for :)



  4. such a cute outfit and congrats on the college stuff!! That's so awesome!

  5. thats so crazy and awesome :)!!!!! Congrats lady. Loving this look. You always mix colors perfectly x

  6. I am jealous of your coat which has a great color and your sweater which seems so comfy and the color is so wonderful!:D I love this outfit ;)

  7. Even though I live in Ohio (where it constantly snows!) we still haven't had any accumulation here :( I always grow rather jealous of Maria,too beautiful her snow filled photos are breathtaking!

    ...And congrats on your first college acceptance! I read it on Twitter, but wanted to congratulate you on here :) And what a wonderful opportunity that came with it! xx

  8. Wow! That college offer sounds great! It's crazy what can come from blogs, isn't it? I hope it all works out!

    This outfit is beautiful. I totally love your necklace - it's so pretty. <3

  9. congrats on the first acceptance! and you look lovely.

  10. i NEED a very she and him christmas now!

    <3 steffy

  11. Oh goodness, I love the colors in this outfit! That blazer is fantastic! We actually got snow over here back in OCTOBER, when it was quite unwelcome. But I could go for some snow now myself!

  12. These are such great pictures and I really really like your hair, my hair is too thick and poofy to pull that look off! I also really like your sweater and skirt! Wow your blog is great!

  13. This definitely looks like something I would wear! I love the jumper with the collar peeking out and its lovely with the necklace. Your shoes are amazing! I'm so jealous. Congrats on the acceptance and what a cool opportunity! You go girl. Im a new follower.<3

  14. That's amazing news about George Fox, well done! You have such lovely photos too (:

  15. love your style and your hair cut: so cool!!!

    Visit my blog and if it like you became my new follower! (I follow back!)
    have a great Sunday!

  16. Hello dear! I find today your blog...You are really cute! Love your vintage style and your hairlook! I'm a new follower!

  17. Gosh, you are just so gorgeous! I love this outfit, you put it together so well. I love how romantic your photo always are.
    ♥ Maria

  18. I'm totally ready for snow too, bundling up is so much fun! you look lovely, very comfy and cute and chic! :D

  19. too cute!! you look perfect.
    and congratulations on getting accepted! and what a cool offer with that job.

  20. my goodness, i just love your coat and jumper! you're adorable. and congrats on your acceptance!! x

  21. Oh my, congratulations on your acceptance! How exciting! You are such a freakin' gorgeous girl. I adore those big, pretty eyes of yours. And your hair is amazing. It's not fair that you're so beautiful AND so well-dressed! I LOVE that chunky sweater of yours, and the collar is darling! Your wedges are enviable too.



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