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jacket: vintage, blouse: thrifted, bow: great grandma, belt: held over, vintage, skirt: goodwill, shoes: vintage
So it's official - the auburn color that I dyed my hair back at the end of December is just about gone. My natural hair color hath returned. I know this because I finally got my hair cut yesterday, and they chop chop chopped off all the icky, faded auburn. Haha. For my first experience dying my whole hair color something new, it wasn't too bad. :) At first I was scared by how orange it was. (see HERE) But by a couple weeks in, it faded just enough that it wasn't SO orangey and it was actually auburn.

Ah well - it's gone now. :) I wore this outfit yesterday to school and then to get my haircut and meet my mom to grab dinner. We chose Chevys and dined joyously - I got fajitas! Yummm. And tonight I'm actually spending some quality time with my dad! We don't hang out as much as I do with my mom, but when we do, it's always special. ♥ Remember when I went to LA to see Les Miserables in June? Yeah! I went with my dad! So tonight we are going to go see The Lorax in theaters! Have any of you seen it? I'm excited! Talk to you soon! xx
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  1. Awe, I hope you have fun seeing the Lorax! :D I have yet to see it, but I've heard it's pretty good!

    You've got so many interesting patterns and textures going on here-- I really like the color of that skirt and the dots in your blouse! Plus, your scarf totally "ties" it all together (i'm so punny hur hur). :D Have a lovely day!~

  2. Hair and outfit both look great! I haven't fully been my natural color in over ten years. Major props.

  3. Probably one of your loveliest outfits ever! The slight pattern mixing and textile mixing is so perfect and the color palette is wonderful. Love, love, love! x

  4. Wow! that outfit looks great in print... pixels?! I wouldn't have ever thought of the grey bow - but it really works! We must remember to take pics again at that spot! xoxo

  5. That is such a cute skirt and the bow is lovely! Suits you brilliantly! :D Great green too ;)

  6. I love the cute pussybow on your blouse!

  7. The hair looks so good!! I want to go that short. Was the lorax good? I want to take my little cousin to see it this weekend.

  8. Your hair looks great natural! I don't remember what natural color my hair is anymore, I'm always dying it!
    The print of your darling skirt is amazing, I love it! :)

  9. What a lovely, lovely outfit! I love the mix of textures! And that skirt is an absolute beauty!!

    x Aliya

  10. I think you look great with both hair colors! And I just noticed that your December post was named after a Brooke Waggoner song - I absolutely adore her music! I thought no one else had ever heard of her, haha.

    Gorgeous outfit, and I love that skirt :)


  11. You always look so demure and pretty.

    I love love the color of your skirt! It's so beautiful :)

    Happpy St Patty's day my friend!

    sending you happy spells


  12. you look adorable, love the colors here

  13. You, my dear are just darling. So glad you commented on my blog, because I love your style. Your hair is amazing. I really want to get mine cut that short someday! Also, I thought your hair looked gorgeous in that orange color as well as this one!

  14. This outfit is really perfect. I love the pretty color of your skirt and the blouse with the tie. Great leather jacket too!

  15. This outfit is super cute!! And the haircut looks so fresh and pretty :D It' so nice to get the last of colored hair chopped off so you can start anew.

  16. Glad to hear you had a nice night out with your mom! And your haircut looks super cute!
    The pattern on your skirt is so pretty, and I love the bow-tie around your neck :)

  17. i love the hair cut, and your natural color!! and adorable outfit too, of course!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  18. Both loving this outfit and your hair cut! I don't know many others who can pull off this gorgeous pixie style half as well. The little pussy bow is such a fun and pretty contrast against the edgy leather jacket. xx Marisa

  19. Your hair looks so chic! Love the print on the skirt :)

    xo Jennifer



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