Umbrella Weather

dress: a gift, sweater: thrifted, boots: vintage, held over, roadrunner pin: flea market
So it's pouring here. Apparently for the next week or so... I love it. Rain is gorgeous to watch and even lovelier for listening. Now, I wouldn't say it's absolutely ideal to go outside with only yourself and a tripod in the windy rain to take outfit photos... but as I'm sure you've learned about me thus far - I'll do it. And yesterday I did! I grow bored of my back deck when it's dry, but for some reason, I enjoy taking outfit shots more on the deck when it's raining. Maybe it gives me some sort of strange hope that the marsh we live off of will return to being water if it rains enough. Hehe... Though that will never happen...! :(

Anywho, I actually love how these rainy photos turned out! They have a misty look to them which I enjoy. Not to mention that I like this outfit a lot too. What do you think? Also, here's a question for you all - would you brave rain to take photos? Am I just crazy? Haha. :)

If you didn't notice, I didn't do a Mixtape Monday this week - yet again because of a crazy weekend prior. I may change MM to every other Monday, but we'll see. I'm really starting to think seriously about mixing up what I post about too. I'd love to do more daily life type photos, but the thing is, I'm not going to take photos at school...And I go to school 5/7 days of the week... What do you think I should do? I'm going to start writing down ideas and the like. See you soon! xx
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  1. These photos turned out beautifully! I've always wanted to take photos puddle jumping in the rain, I have a feeling I'd be pretty paranoid about getting my camera wet though, but you're not crazy:)
    Your outfit and glasses are adorable!


  2. perfect rainy day outfit! your sweater looks so cozy :)

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  3. Such darling photos! :) I actually just took photos in the rain the other day - it was POURING! My shoes were most impractical, but I had fun :D


  4. mini skirt with sweater,such a cutie <3

  5. This looks like a super comfy outfit! I would totally take photos in the rain, but then again, I would be sure to cover my camera so it didn't get hurt.

    As to taking photos of daily life, I feel your pain. I take my camera everywhere on the weekends, so usually my daily life photos are of hanging out with friends and are constrained to Friday and Saturday. Sometimes if I know I'm going to coffee after school I bring my camera along ... and you can always take pictures with your cell phone!

    Oh and I really love that brooch too! I've been in the mood to find a whole bunch. :)

    Wow. Sorry I left you a novel to read, haha.

  6. Awww your brooch is adorable!

  7. loving this outfit! the sweater is so cute! :)

    If you have an iphone, instagram works a treat!

  8. There's something about dark green and gold that's so pretty together-- and so I love the gold against the green of your brooch! And the sunflower print you have is so adorable.

    I give you props for taking outfit pictures in the rain. I will go so far as to ride my bike in the rain, but I would have to find a sheltered place (the place where I usually take pictures has many of these muwaha) if I were to take outfit pictures in the rain. I guess so far it hasn't rained on a day where I want to make an outfit post.. convenient, eh? I probably just jinxed it.

    PS) The misty effect in your photos is super cool indeed. It makes your pictures look a little more etheral! :D I hope your marsh turns into a lake, too.

  9. Aw, cute outfit! I love the over-sized sweater with that dress. <3

    I have no problem going out in the rain, the only thing I would worry about is my camera. Other than that, yeah, I'd brave the rain to get photos. ;)

  10. That jumper is so sweet! I love the color and I love the tights too! :D

  11. I love that you are brave enough to take on the bad weather. I am such a baby when it comes to wind, rain, cold, etc. These pictures are proof that you don't need a clear skied sunny day to get stunning photos.

    Your laid-back yet still very pretty and feminine outfit is perfect. I need to work on putting together more like this. You look so stylish but yet so darn comfy at the same time.

    As for the content ideas, I know what you mean. I get tired of posting only personal style photos time after time and want to vary it up more too. We shall see! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my article darling gal! xx Marisa

  12. beautiful combination, love the colors too

  13. wow, just found your blog... so glad i did!


  14. You look so nice and cozy in that sweater. It's especially perfect for a rainy day. The mix of prints between your tights and dress is great too.


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