A Peek!

You all will have seen these phone pics if you follow my Twitter - but I've been keen on sharing a few on the blog too. :) They aren't directly from this past week but you get the idea. Won't it be nice when the Android market finally has Instagram? For those of you wondering, I currently have been using an app called mytubo which I happen to like a lot. In the past I've also used an app called Magic Hour, as well as Pudding Camera. Android users need good camera apps too, right?!


  1. I have an android tablet so these ae nice for when I use it to take pictures.
    Nice photos!

  2. I'm not a cat person, but...your cat is just beautiful! Such a gorgeous coat :)


  3. I adore cats and yours is gorgeous! I love that jacket you're wearing and that crochet top is awesome ;)

  4. That looks perfect!

    I'm very much looking forward to eating sushi again too. Though I doubt I'll find such a lovely cake for dessert. And the washi tape? Wow:)



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