Florals & Light Washed Denim

dress, & shoes: goodwill, tights: urban outfitters, jean jacket: a gift, scarf: a gift
Before I forget, the first thing I need to say is this - isn't light washed denim the perfect fabric for the spring/summer? I was thinking about this yesterday when I wore this outfit. It's spring now and I think I will be wearing this jean jacket a lot more! It's a vintage GAP jacket that I got from my grandparents for my last birthday and so far it's gone to great use! Thank you Granny and Grandpa! ♥

As I said, I wore this yesterday to school and then for a whole busy afternoon. I went to the dermatologist and a sewing lesson, then I met with Miranda at the library to study calculus. And lucky me, she took some photos of me afterwards! Then we ate some dinner at a nearby restaurant and became lovely and stuffed. :)

I'm super tired from today so I think a nap is in order. Cross your fingers that I don't sleep too long... lately I've been napping for two hours a day! I don't think it's healthy...! Anyway, see you soon! xx
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  1. Hattitude Style Blog

    bleck. i'm glad the days of calculus are over for me!

    coool ring and stud earrings. i love them! they look like they're made from bake lite.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  2. I love the colors in your photos sooo much!

    Denim jackets are somewhat intimidating. I would hope to look like you do in it but it'll probably look off on me.

    Ooh do naps that long mess with your normal sleeping schedule?

  3. Oh my goodness, at this point, I could happily nap for two hours a day! Sometimes life is so busy and I just want to hibernate, haha.

    I always love the colors in your outfits :)


  4. pretty style, and pretty you :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  5. Love the outfit! It looks like you could have dropped out of 1992 :)

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  7. i love the lacey scarf paired with floral :) cutie!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. Your outfits always inspire me. I love them! Always relaxed, not stuffy, and original. :)


  9. I absolutely adore this outfit girl! You are totally rocking that denim jacket - I have a vintage one from Old Navy and I've been wearing it out too! I love good quality finds like that that can last forever (and be remixed in an endless amount of ways too!)

  10. I am obsessed with my denim jacket and florals are the perfect pattern to pair with it :)

    xo Jennifer


  11. Your scarf is fantastic! I love the lace trim on it. The denim jacket really is perfect for spring. Too bad it's usually too hot to wear jackets in the spring where I live. Otherwise I would definitely get a jacket like yours!


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