The Sunday Series// v.2

Three things that have been on my mind this week...
I've been looking up tattoo ideas for a while now and I recently got the idea of putting a moth somewhere on me. In the midst of my research on moths, I learned that moths aren't always brown - they can be so beautiful! I am in love with the coloration of these two. (both)
From Paris, France, Valentine of Hello it's Valentine has been one of my favorite bloggers and sources of inspiration for the past while. I was bound to have to share her with you all at some point, so here she is! All I can say about her is that I love everything she wears, and I'm sure glad that she translates her posts to English cuz unfortunately, I don't speak French! (photos//blog)
I reblogged this quote and image on Tumblr recently and I think it's such a good thing to remember! Not to mention the art on this is so pretty. I love graphic design and typography...! I haven't read Anne of Green Gables, but that is where this quote is from, if you were wondering. (etsy)



  1. Aaah I love Anne of Green Gables! That was my favorite series ever! Oh, so much of my childhood came from those books. Man I could go on forever about it ...

  2. So many lovely picks this week :) I had no idea moths could be so beautiful! I love that quote, too - I adore Anne of Green Gables. Thanks for bringing that print to my attention...I might just buy one!


  3. Oh my, moths ARE beautiful!! Where are you thinking of putting your tattoo!? I could never find anything I loved enough to tattoo, or a fun spot...although blogs have inspired me to look at new places! The top of my foot, the side of my ribs, or the bottom of my forearm...can't wait to see what you decide!

    And Valentine's blog is stunning! Thank you for sharing! I was just saying I could use some new blogs to read, and hers will definitely keep me occupied!

    Hope you have an amazing week, Elanor! Sending you hugs and good vibes from Pittsburgh ;)

  4. I totally didn't know moths could be pretty (haha, that sounds so mean!). But hey, maybe moths are like your spirit animal or somethin~ :D yeah? yeah? I bet they are.

  5. A moth tattoo would be so sweet - I love those colored ones! Who knew moths could be so beautiful?!

    Valentine looks adorable, I'll have to check out her blog :)

    Happy Monday!

  6. ugh, absolutely ADORE anne of green gables. so happy you quoted it. and what a beautiful tattoo that would be with all those beautiful colors. just curious why you are thinking of getting a moth ;)
    xo TJ


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