Snail Shell

dress, purse, & heels: goodwill, beanie: forever 21, cardigan: my mom's
Oooh happy Friday the 13th! In my mind I always come up with great schemes and heists to perform when this day comes up, but naturally, I never do any of it. Do you guys even pay attention to it? Am I just silly? Hehe, I think I am. :)

I wore this outfit yesterday and if you follow my Instagram or Twitter, you'll know that I went on a little thrifting escapade - except flying solo for once! Yep, I went by myself the whole day. Unfortunately, I had next to no luck. I did get one dress which will come up in an Instagram photo post in the next week or so, I'm sure... but anyway... The day was still fun and I ate a yummy sandwich for lunch which made up for me not finding much at the thrift stores.

I wasn't wearing this hat during the day, but I decided to put it on upon getting home because the rain has kicked up again! While Sunday and Monday of this week were beautiful, Tuesday and onward were rainy and gloomy! So I was cold and figured since I was going to be taking photos in the rain, I might as well wear a hat. And you know what? I like the outfit more with the hat...! I hope you have a great Friday! xx
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  1. Hattitude Style Blog

    awesome ring. i love it! i just got a fox ring the other day and am excited about seeing other people's rings. i love how you paired this oldie time dress with the elegant pearls! always so chic!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  2. I love the hat with your outfit! Very cute :D

  3. I am in love with your dress and it goes so so well with the beads and that hat :D

  4. Love the layering of this look... it's so cozy yet ladylike!

  5. Is there a snail inhabit that snail shell? o: If not, man, that shell would be so pretty painted gold or white and turned into a ring! Now I want to find myself an old snail shell...!

    Anyway hahaha. This is such a cute outfit! I adore the white pearls and hat, and your shiny black ring is so much fun! Congrats on your first solo thrifting adventure! :D I'm glad you at least found one thing (and ate a delicious sandwich along the way). I feel like I always find more when my mom is shopping with me--maybe it's because there is a second pair of eyes or that second opinion to assure you that you should buy something? Hmm, I don't know. :)

  6. This is so cute! I love your hat and bag. I always think that I should do something for Friday 13th, but I never do either! I always end up forgetting about it when it actually rolls around, haha.


  7. Love your heels, they're perfect!

  8. You look awesome. I love your dress and your cute little shoe. The hat and cozy cardigan look great too.

  9. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm so excited you found me...because of that I came across your blog and I love it so much. Your shoes are awesome, I love thrifted, vintage shoes. Great outfit, can't wait to see more!

    Triple Thread

  10. you look so cute and cozy! love it:) that dress looks great on you and i love the details on your shoes!

  11. I actually really enjoy thrifting alone. It's easier to take your time and really look through everything when you don't feel like someone is waiting on you.

    xo Jennifer


  12. I absolutely adore this look on you!!

    x Aliya

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