For today's post, I thought I'd give you a little glimpse of things around my room! I love decorating and collecting little knick knacks (a trait that may or may not have been passed on from my granny!) I like to think that my room reflects me and my personality. :) I tend to keep my room pretty tidy because I definitely like things orderly and I think there is a place for everything. Do you also feel this way, or are you a more disorganized person? Let me know!

I'll probably post photos from around my room again because this only focuses on a few things, but I just thought it would be fun to let you all in to my world a little bit! Have a lovely Thursday... ♥
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  1. It all looks so much like you! I like all the old bottles filled with things and that ceramic owl is simply adorable. All so very "Missing Lovebirds" ;D

  2. You have a lovely bedroom! I love the simple details!

  3. Delightful things! I love little details from one's home..makes it much more personal :D

  4. Adorable little details! I'm definitely an "everything has it's place" kind of person.
    I love all the pretty photos on your board.

  5. So cute! My room is so so messy, but you know what they say, one of the advantages to being disorganized is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries! I do wish I was more organized though. Maybe I'll work on it.

    Your room looks super cute though!

  6. Oh my goodness! A peek into your room!? So dreamy...x

  7. Such lovely little glimpses into your room! I love all the little details, and that owl is adorable :) I'm definitely disorganized, but it's been driving me nuts lately so I'm trying to do better. I always feel better when I have less, I find!


  8. Your bedroom looks so nice! I'm currently in the process of redecorating mine, I may steal a little inspiration from this post.


  9. i collect a lot of knick-knacks too.
    i love that wooden box. i have one that was my mom's and it's filled with old fortunes from fortune cookies. (i saved all of mine when i was little).

    nice little peek into your life!


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