Month of Maying

dress, heels, & purse: thrifted, sweater & necklace: my mom's
As May draws to a close, I'm becoming more and more ready for this summer! The weather is reaching the high 70s, school is quieting down, and everything feels all-around happy. I could just be in a good mood today - but whatever the reason...! This summer I'm looking forward to: more sleep, more sunlight, more traveling, more time, and importantly, I'm looking forward to blogging more! May turned out to be quite a less active month, but I'm hoping to be blogging much more when school is out.

For my graduation present, I believe I'll be receiving a new lens - the one I want is a 50 mm f/1.4 or 1.8. I think the factor of getting a new lens that can provide the effect I'm hoping for is something that can definitely work as an incentive to take more photos and go more places to capture memories. Random, but, on the note of photography - I may be looking to change the way I edit photos once I get the new lens. I'm getting a little bored of this way! I guess we will seeeee. 11 more days till graduation! xx

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  1. 50mm lens! ahhh! they're the best :) i can't believe you're graduating! you're gorgeous. i love the layering.

  2. Yaaay for new lenses! My boyfriend is letting me use his 1.8 and it is pretty marvelous. You'll enjoy it a lot. Also I can't wait for you to blog more because yours is one of my favorite blogs. :)

  3. you are so cute and you look amazing :D

  4. Great lens, I look forward to seeing your future photos!


  5. You always look so pretty and girly, love your collection of dresses!

  6. Love the glasses on you!

    xo Jennifer


  7. Man, I already thought you had the 50mm lens because your pictures look SO good! x

  8. I'm saving up for a 50mm lens, too! You looked gorgeous in your prom photos, by the way :)


  9. Good luck on getting your new lens! That sounds like a great lens if you want good bokeh in the background. :) I just got my own lens and couldn't be happier with it, so hopefully you'll end up with one you love, too!

    Your photos are fabulous either way though. I love this location with the cute lil' bridge and your cute lil' sweater and those perfectly shaped glasses and GURL you always look so put together. Rock on.

  10. This outfit is so cute,especially your jumper!Also your hair is amazing!

  11. i have been scrolling through your blog for about ten minutes now and I absolutely love it. You have such beautiful style, I will defintiely be following along. And your prom dress! Ah, swoon, you and your boy looked absolutely wonderful! Your vintage dress was just gorgeous.
    I hope you get the new lens! That's always fun! I absolutely love this outfit, and I love how almost all of it was thrifted!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  12. This whole outfit is adorable, I'm absolutely in love with that dress! Just found your blog and I must say, I'm already addicted. Definitely following :)

  13. I want a 50mm lens too! I might go ahead and buy one sometime soon. How exciting that you'll be getting one!
    Also, your sweater looks great layered over that dotted dress. I wish it was cool enough here for cute layering like that.


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