Oh, hi

Well, it's been a week since I last posted, hasn't it? Feels like a long, long week. I can't even remember last Tuesday, haha. I've been having a rough time lately, but I'm hoping some things in my life will get easier once this week is finished. As I've told you guys before, my senior recital was Monday and it went well! Hopefully I will be putting up footage from it eventually. Tomorrow is my senior project presentation, and I feel like once that's finished, I'll be able to relax just a bit more.

I'm not quite sure if this post signifies that I'm back from whatever unofficial break I took - but I must tell you, it was a nice break. Sometimes I question whether I should continue to blog, or at least blog about fashion, because when I think about it, sometimes I feel like it's all so pointless. I guess those are in my more negative and cynical moments... But nonetheless, I weigh both sides quite often (or at least I have been recently).

I'm getting sick, so prayers for a quick recovery would be lovely. Thank you for sticking around in a weird blogging/life time. I really appreciate and love you all. ♥

1 - Me, last week at some point.
2 - Zoey, my cute kitty, sleeeeeeping.
3 - My new (vintage) jewelry box, bought for $3 at the garage sale on Saturday.
4 - My sweet boyfriend and his family gave me flowers after my senior recital. :))

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  1. Glad to see at least a little update! Hope you feel better and good luck with the last few weeks of school! :)

  2. Good luck with finishing up high school! You can do it! And feel better soon!

  3. i love your little box for treasures! eep! and thrifted for such a bargain price? uh, good job, lady! i really hope you're feeling better soon...i had strep for several weeks & it just killed my spirit. it's no fun. i'll keep you in my mind & hope it passes very soon! xo.

  4. Just so you know, even if you stop blogging about fashion and change this blog into a life blog, I'll still be your reader. Well, I hope that doesn't sound weird.... haha
    I hope you'll feel better soon, E. :)

  5. Hey Lovely, chin up- I'm sorry you're going through a rough time, I'll be thinking about you. And pretty photographs!

  6. super cute pictures, hope your work goes well :)

    from, helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com

  7. You should always only blog for yourself. If you don't like it anymore, change it up and see if that helps. But I know you do have a lot of readers that you inspire :)

    xo Jennifer


  8. Oh, I'm sorry that you're getting sick and feeling overwhelmed, but things will get better - no doubt about it! <3

  9. Hope everything gets better doll! We love you and it is your decision whether to continue or free yourself. I definitely know how you are feeling about it because I just went through it for months! I'll be praying for a swift recovery doll. Take care - you look gorg and i love your new jewelry box and sweet kitty! xoxoxo

  10. Eeek, I hope that you don't end up getting sick! That's no fun. Be sure to drink lots of tea to fight off whatever's bitin' at you! ;) I also hope that you can push through whatever has been bothering you. It's the end of the year so hopefully you're just going through a slump of some sort that is easily passable. :)


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