dress: c/o dahlia, sandals: urban outfitters, purse: vintage, thrifted, sunglasses: h&m
Long time no post! I've been trying all week to get decent shots for an outfit post, but nothing has worked out well. Plus, I've been at odds with my hair... Finally on Thursday, I made a decision and got it cut. Whaddya think? I'm a whole new person! New hair cut, new tattoo... what's next? Haha oh and speaking of my tattoo... Geez! Who knew about this healing process? I sure didn't. It's been one week and I've been dealing with the lovely itching and peeling of a new tattoo. Ah, but it is worth it. 

I wore this to run around town with my mom - we got Peets along the way and also stopped in at Goodwill. I came away with a new trashcan for my dorm room as well as a vintage, olive green cardigan. :) Tonight I think I'm going to be sticking with a mellow Saturday evening - probably get through a few episodes of Weeds. I hope your Labor Day weekend is off to a good start!

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  1. I just loooove love your images and this adorable look! I'm so excited for you to move to Seattle--I miss it so much. Give it lots of love for me ;-)


  2. You look darling! I love this dress on you! Also, I love your hair!! It looks so good on you. I just got a haircut recently too and I feel incredible! Now if I could work up the courage to cut mine as short as yours!

  3. the collar on that dress is super pretty! digging your new tat - the moth is so whimsical

    pandaphilia style

  4. The tattoo is so lovely! Make sure you're slathering it in lotion to help with the itching/peeling. I bet you're just "itching" to get to Seattle. (haha. I'm such a nerd.) Your new hairs are gorgeous too. XOXO

  5. Your new hair is the cutest thing ever, you're like an adorable pixie. And sometimes outfit shots don't work out because you're waiting for the perfect ones (which are definitely these)!


  6. Lovely dress.

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  7. you and your mom look *exactly* alike! and love your hair- you pull off the short look super well. And I totally forgot about the itching bit- my tattoo was right where the waist of my jeans would hit, so i constantly had something rubbing against it. torture. hope it heals up soon!

  8. Don't you hate it when you can't get shots for an outfit post? It's like the world is against you! but, at least you finally got some, 'cause these are super lovely. :) I adore the lace "collar" of that dress... you are reminiscent of a fairy princess, my sweet! <3

    And your hair looks lovely, of course. You just pull off short hair so well! Hopefully your tattoo will stop itching soon. :'(

    I've no plans for Labor Day as of yet, but we might go ice skating today which is SUPER EXCITING!!

  9. I absolutely love this outfit, and your pictures never seize to amaze me. I just love the lighting and quality of all your photos! What kind of a camera do you use?

  10. wow you look so lovely, amazing outfit! your dress is amazing and I really love both your bag and shoes! :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  11. What a gorgeous outfit! That dress is to die for and I love your tattoo! I would love to get a tattoo someday, but I'm not sure that it will ever happen...

    I hope everything is coming together for your college move!

  12. You look so stunning as always! Your new fancy shmancy haircut looks wonderful- you are just a cutie pie all over! Oh, and your mom is so adorable as well! (Geez, i sound like your grandma or something haha!)

    Your tattoo is so beautiful gahhhh. It looks wonderful even in the middle of the healing process :)

  13. Hope your tattoo starts to feel less itchy. Very feminine look.

  14. You hair looks great. Your dress looks great. Your mom looks great. And that cookie looks great. So yeah. great post! ;)

    xo Jennifer


  15. I love this outfit! You look gorgeous :)




  16. Your new tattoo is just so cool! I really love how it turned out. It suits you perfectly. I'm also loving your adorable pink dress. So so cute!


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