Elephant Ears

dress & purse: vintage, boots: dsw, sunglasses: h&m

College remains a thing where a lot of productive things occur that aren't exactly related to school work. I can't tell you how many late night dance parties Kristie (my roommate) and I have had in the past week, or all the crazy obnoxious games we've made up that I don't even understand. Mostly I just can't believe how ridiculous and fun this all is. I've been here for eleven days and I'm already in love with these three girls on my floor and I just can't get enough of them. They live down the hall (or in Kristie's case, a yard away from me) and I miss them if I don't see them for a while. It's so silly but I love it. :)

As for studying and my classes, I think the difficult part is trying to find an efficient way of studying and getting things solidly lodged in my brain. College differs from highschool in that it isn't all laid out for you - you have to work your own method to get stuff done. Hopefully this week (week two) will make me feel a little bit more comfortable in a studying routine. And in the meantime, I'll probably be messing around till all hours on photobooth with Kristie and not reading psychology. 

These photos are from earlier today when I went to church with some others from SPU and then went to this Italian festival where we ate pasta and a pastry called "elephant ears" and enjoyed some delightful Seattle weather. The rainy season hasn't started yet, though I've heard October is the month to be wary of! I'm excited though. I absolutely cannot wait for the colors of autumn to begin over here in the PNW! xoxo

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  1. I really love reading all your posts. I have been debating on going to school in Seattle for quite some time now. I have been super nervous about the whole situation because I am really shy, and have a hard time making friends. I love seeing how much fun you have been having, and I really think now is the time to take a risk and just go for it! I know it's crazy, but reading your blog posts have really helped me to not be so scared anymore. I think I could do it!

    1. Seattle isn't all that bad at all, as much as any other city. People here can be a bit cold seeming if you are from anywhere in the south, which I am, but I am used to spending enough time around Swedes to be used to it. There is a lot going on though and I would say it is quite fun but the price of living is pretty extraordinary as opposed what I'm used to. A lot of people live in outlying areas and commute, the bus system is great. I live in Capitol Hill neighborhood, and if you're looking for somewhat cheap apartments as opposed to dorms you can normally grab one for around 850$ a month (that's what I pay). If you're looking into going to UW though, the University District is way cheaper, you'd just have to be in the whole 'college town' type vibe. Really depends on what kind of lifestyle you want to live. Good luck!

  2. What a cute dress!
    Glad you're having a good college experience :0

    xo Jennifer


  3. So glad you're having a whale of a time! Looking absolutely lovely m'dear!

  4. The dress is adorable! but the bag..... awesome!! I swear that has to be a new purchase because I don't remember it. So happy you are having a great experience so far... what a blessing!!! do your friends like/mind taking photos for you?? xoxoxo

  5. You rock that dress.

    Now I'm also craving pasta for lunch. The Italian festival sounds like so much fun!

  6. your college experience is already sounding awesome. sounds very funadn like your dorm experience is good - mine was not! your campus looks beautiful too! and i LOVE this dress on you - chambray just looks great on you

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


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