Fall Feelings

pants: target, sweater & shoes: thrifted, purse: vintage, scarf: a gift
Oh look! Pants! I went a little pants-crazy at Target the week before I left for Seattle, so I actually have more than one pair to wear now. And I actually like how they look on me; imagine that! Autumn is strolling on in to the pacific northwest and I couldn't be more excited. The leaves are changing here in Seattle and the air is getting chilly. Tis the season for even more coffee - and you don't want to know how much coffee I'm already drinking over here as it is.

The second week of classes have wrapped up - I feel like time is flying by, and we haven't even been here too long. We had our floor traditions this week on Wednesday which were crazy and ridiculous - and we also played a game of Fugitive with our brother and sister floors last night. We were tied with rope to a guy from our brother floor and the sophomores drove us to a park far from campus. We had to find our way back to SPU before 12:30 and simultaneously not get caught by the sophomores. The difficult part of this was that any car we saw could have had sophomores in it, which made the whole situation quite intense. Long story short, no freshmen won and in the process of running away from a potential capture, I fell (of course). So now I'm a bit battered and bruised and sore all over.

Hopefully I may feel a bit better by the morning because tomorrow Kristie and I are going to see The xx live in concert! Bahhhhhh I'm so excited. Do you know how amazing this is going to be? I will tell you all about it soon. For a more reliable update source, check out my Instagram (@missinglovee) and my Twitter! xoxo

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  1. Haha! My very first thought when I saw the first picture was, "Wow, are those pants??" Haha Love it, and love this outfit! I am so stinking jealous of all the fun you are having at SPU. It just sounds like so much fun!! I am also extremely jealous that you get to see The Xx... in Seattle! You are living the life girl!

  2. PANTS POST! This is such a good oufit, gurl. Those shoes are "off the chain." Sorry you fell, though! Hope you feel better soon. I'm sure the concert will help with that :D

  3. TARGET IS AWESOMEEE. And their pants are also awesome. I went pants crazy, too, for colored denim. So excited to meet your gorgeous self.

  4. The pants DO look awesome on you.

  5. This whole outfit is just perfect. I have no words, Elanor!
    xo Maria

  6. Love, love, loving that scarf! Do you by any chance know where it's from? I know it was a gift so that might be a futile question.

  7. the color of your sweater is gorgeous!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. So glad we found those pants! Darling outfit! That game sounded like a hoot - but sorry for the "ow-ees"! xo

  9. Adorable scarf! Also sounds like you're having a lot of fun at college - I wish when I was a freshman we could do fun stuff like that! :]

  10. Love the slightly tomboyish feel the shoes have. You and your friend look awesome!

  11. You and your friend both look super cute!
    It's not a surprise that Seattle is making you drink more coffee lol

    xo Jennifer


  12. Sounds like college life is delivering! Both looks are the summation of a perfect quintessential fall outfit!

    x The Pretty Secrets

  13. um, yes. you look adorable in jeans. especially rolled up! it sounds like you are having a fantastic time in your new city :) i hope the xx was amaaazing! (i'm sure they were :)

  14. Sounds like you're enjoying college life so far! Glad to hear it!

    And I love finding clothes that fit well and look great on! It's just the best. :D Also, your scarf is fantastic! The print is gorgeous.

  15. Beautiful look! Love that scarf!

    Following you :)



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